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Weight-Loss Programs For The New Year? Stick With This Tried And True Method

As we approach 2015, many weight-loss programs are due to make millions (if not billions) of dollars. After all, the new year is a time when a number of Americans try and meet long-standing weight loss goals. “This year, I am going to drop those pesky pounds!” becomes a rallying cry. At least until February, about the time many people …

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Weight Loss Success Means No More Scales Or Counted Calories?

For many years, weight loss has been a matter of willpower and vigilance. If you wanted a smaller figure it meant practically living on the bathroom scale and taking note of every single calorie that you ate. Success or failure was measured according to decreasing numbers. This behavior, while proudly toted by diet and weight loss experts and programs, has …

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Particularly Lazy Ways to Burn 200 Calories [VIDEO]

Last month, the simply delightful animators over at AsapSCIENCE showed us what 200 calories looks like (you know, different portion sizes of various foods). The takeaway: fill yourself up with a plateful of broccoli instead of a Oliver Twistian sliver of pepperoni pizza. But we all knew that, right? But let’s say you’ve consumed a few too many calories in …

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Here’s What 200 Calories Looks Like in Different Foods [VIDEO]

We know that humans (depending on many factors, of course) require somewhere between 2000 and 2700 calories per day to maintain. But sometimes it’s hard to know just how many calories you’re putting in your body. Volume simply isn’t a good measurement. That’s because some foods are more calorie dense than others. So, what’s a good unit to know? How …

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Ever Wonder How Many Calories You Burn with a Mouse Click?

If you’ve ever wondered just how much of a workout you’re getting at the office everyday by simply clicking your mouse, wonder no more. Someone has calculated it and put it in a publication. The findings appeared in the recently published Convert Anything to Calories, which calculated the calorie counts in both food and common activities. The calculation was based …

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