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Breathalyzers in Bars May Save Lives

Breathalyzers are the latest trend to be hitting bars across the nation, as a proposal from a state representative in Utah offers a plan that would include the alcohol level-testing machines in bars and pubs, according to the Associated Press. Draper Republican Representative Greg Hughes has offered an up-and-coming proposal in the state of Utah which would allow bars across …

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Breathalyzer in Bars: Utah Does it Again

In some of the best news since twist-off wine caps, Associated Press tells us that Republican Rep. Greg Hughes of Utah is proposing that breathalyzers and other alcohol-detecting devices be placed in bars in the state. It won’t be a requirement for bars to have, but it would likely be a plus for bar owners to join in– by law, …

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Drug Breathalyzer That Can Detect Pot, Cocaine, Meth, and More Touted by Swedish Researchers

The SensAbues DrugTrap is out to foil your drugged-up driving experiences. The breathalyzer. Anyone pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence knows it all too well. Since the 1980s, police have used the tool, first developed in 1967, to detect alcohol content in the blood. Until now, breath samples have only really been accurate in terms of alcohol, …

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San Francisco Police Use Faulty Equipment

KCBS in San Francisco reported on a case of their local police officers not testing their equipment per official procedure before relying on them to make judgements in the field. The devices in question are their breathalyzers which they employ in alcohol related incidents where they need to gage how much alcohol an individual has ingested. In many cases, breathalyzers …

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New App Can Tell If You’re Drunk

While most of us can tell if we’re too drunk to drive, a new app is making that easier. Say hello to the cleverly titled BreathalEyes, a new app for the iPhone that scans a person’s eyes to see if they are too drunk to drive. The official Web site for the app says that BreathalEyes can “approximate an intoxicated …

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