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Rove Clinton “Brain Injury” Comment Starts Storm

About a year and a half ago, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was treated for a blood clot in her head after a fall. Clinton had been weak due to a stomach virus and fainted, hitting her head. Her doctors …

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Could Harm Baby
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A recent study has shown that using pot during pregnancy could harm a fetus’ brain development. It states that THC, the ingredient most active in marijuana, can interfere with brain cells and how they are wired. The study was performed …

Jovan Belcher’s Mother Sues KC Chiefs for Death
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In more sad news concerning Jovan Belcher’s 2012 homicide-suicide, Sports Illustrated now tells us that a wrongful-death lawsuit has now been filed against his team by his mother Cheryl Shepherd. Belcher’s body has been recently exhumed so that his brain …