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Tracy Morgan Fights For Full Recovery, Chris Rock Offers His Support

We already knew that Tracy Morgan‘s condition following the horrific car accident in June was serious. Months later and Morgan is still undergoing rehab to regain the ability to function at near the capacity he once did. However, Morgan’s lawyer dropped a major bombshell on the comedian’s fans recently. Benedict Morelli told the Associated Press that his client was not …

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Rove Clinton “Brain Injury” Comment Starts Storm

About a year and a half ago, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was treated for a blood clot in her head after a fall. Clinton had been weak due to a stomach virus and fainted, hitting her head. Her doctors said they were confident in a full recovery, and by all medical accounts Clinton did recover fully, and is now …

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Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Could Harm Baby

A recent study has shown that using pot during pregnancy could harm a fetus’ brain development. It states that THC, the ingredient most active in marijuana, can interfere with brain cells and how they are wired. The study was performed on mice as well as brain tissue from human fetuses, finding that the formation of connections in nerve cells in …

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Jovan Belcher’s Mother Sues KC Chiefs for Death

In more sad news concerning Jovan Belcher’s 2012 homicide-suicide, Sports Illustrated now tells us that a wrongful-death lawsuit has now been filed against his team by his mother Cheryl Shepherd. Belcher’s body has been recently exhumed so that his brain condition upon death could be further examined. Enough evidence has been found for Shepherd to believe that the Kansas City …

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