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Google Rejects DMCA Request, Keeps The Pirate Bay Homepage

In case you are new to the anti-piracy crusade, one of the biggest players on the side copyright keepers is the British Phonograph Industry, or, the BPI. While they may not be as well known as the RIAA, at least in the United States, they are every bit as prolific when it comes to DMCA takedown requests to Google. With …

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Pirate Bay Proxy Taken Down By UK Pirate Party

If you recall, the BPI requested that the UK Pirate Party take down its Pirate Bay proxy late last month. At the time, the head of UK’s Pirate Party said that he received a notice, but had not made any decision regarding it yet. Now he has, and it’s an unexpected turn of events for a party that passionately fights …

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Google Under Review In The UK For Not Doing Enough To Stop Piracy

Google and the entertainment industry go back and forth over how much of the Web should be downgraded in search results. Google implemented a new ranking signal back in August that downgrades sites based on the number of DMCA notices the site receives. The search engine has also removed The Pirate Bay from autocomplete. All of that is still not …

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