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100 Illegal Immigrants Found in House

The Houston Chronicle reports that more than 100 people were found in a “stash house” in the city this week. A stash house is a holding point for illegal immigrants who cross the border into the United States while they await further steps, perhaps meeting up with a relative or getting transportation to wherever they are heading next. The Houston …

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Border Tunnels: A Sophisticated Way To Smuggle Drugs

Drug cartels have resorted to underground tunnels to avoid detection since security has become more stringent along the border. Since 1990, about 170 tunnels have been discovered, the majority of them have been along California and Arizona’s border with Mexico. As a result, the U.S. border patrol will soon unveil an underground wireless robot equipped with camera to search underground …

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Justin Bieber Tour Bus Busted on the Border for Pot

Another day, another media tornado for Justin Bieber: a Canadian drug-sniffing canine discovered marijuana and paraphernalia for personal usage inside a Bieber tour bus on the border between Windsor and Michigan. This is not the first time for Bieber, nor the first time a celebrity was busted at this checkpoint. The Detroit Free Press reports Customs and Border Protection as …

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