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Wireless Plans With More Data Offered by Boost Mobile

As more of the web becomes mobile-friendly, wireless subscribers are now using mobile apps more than ever. This, combined with the fact that there are now few brand-new mobile customers in the U.S. has significantly increased competition among American mobile providers. While the largest U.S. wireless providers are still capping their expensive plans at low data levels, runners-up like Sprint …

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iPhone 5S/5C Make Their Way To Boost Mobile On November 8

The iPhone 5S and 5C launch has been the most successful iPhone launch yet for Apple with over 9 million units sold in the first weekend. You could attribute this success to the fact that the iPhone 5S launched in more countries and on more carriers than any other previous iPhone. Despite its far reaching launch, there are still some …

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A Further Look At Twitter’s Demographic Breakdown

Earlier, the Pew Research report concerning Twitter users hit the wires, and it was an awfully revealing look at how many people in the United States use Twitter. It also revealed the racial breakdown of these American users, and the information revealed could be surprising to those who don’t keep an eye on Twitter’s daily breakdown of content. As the …

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