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Bing Saves Is Now Available To All In Open Beta

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I wish I could bookmark this Web site in anything other than my browser?” You probably haven’t, but Bing thinks you might have. Last month, Bing introduced a new feature called Bing Saves. It’s essentially a bookmarking feature within Bing that allowed you to save Web sites to your Microsoft account and visit …

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Mozilla Mozaic Might Be The Future Of Bookmarks

The bookmark hasn’t changed in a long time. Regardless of browser, the bookmark is a link in a long line of other links that the user has saved for easy access. Chris Lee, an interaction designer and developer working with the Firefox UX team, wants to bring the bookmark into the future. After finding inspiration in Pinterest and iTunes, Lee …

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Google Maps Now Lets You Save Home, Work Locations

If you’re a regular user of Google Maps, you’ve doubtlessly noticed the My Places tab that appears in the left-hand menu. In case it’s evaded your scope, the My Places tab is an option that allows you to make interactive maps of cities you like, mark your favorite places with a star (basically, a bookmark) so you can quickly access …

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Deliver Updates Through Pinned Sites For Windows 8

If you’ve been taking part in the Windows 8 consumer preview, you’ve most likely noticed pinned sites on the Metro interface. It’s essentially the bookmark of the Metro interface by allowing users to pin their favorite sites to the Metro start screen for easy access. Developers can utilize these pins to announce updates to their users without them having to …

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