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Bob Marley: Parasite Named After Legendary Musician

The Bob Marley parasite, or, if you prefer, the “Gnathia marley”, is a tiny, blood-sucking organism that is known to infect fish living on Caribbean coral reefs. Although may believe this isn’t the most fitting homage to a musician who spent his life singing about peace, love and harmony, the man who named the aforementioned parasite probably meant no ill …

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Bob Marley Birthday Wishes Via Twitter

Potheads get accused for having really poor memory, and rightfully so. Today, however, the memory of pot heads everywhere was spot-on as they took to Twitter to remember the birthday of their patron saint and reggae legend, Bob Marley. In fact, for at least an hour that I saw this morning, “Happy Birthday Bob Marley” and “Robert Nesta Marley,” his …

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“I’m Gonna Be Your Friend” Social Media Campaign Targets East African Poverty

The Save The Children organization is hoping to raise both awareness and funds to help the “devastating food crisis affecting millions of children and their families across East Africa.” Today they announced the launch of I’m Gonna Be Your Friend, a giant fundraising campaign that looks to spread the word via social media and celebrities – and through celebrities on …

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