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Twitter Makes Odd Privacy Change, Catches Flak, Promptly Backtracks

In the span of just one day, Twitter made a pretty significant change to a major element of privacy on the site, took a bunch of heat from users, and quickly reverted all changes. Early Thursday, Twitter made a tweak to how blocking works on the site. In short, what Twitter did was to make blocking a user work more …

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Facebook Wants More Information On Why You’re Reporting People

There are nearly a dozen legitimate (and a couple dozen illegitimate) reasons why you would report a certain Facebook user to the FB authority. Whether you’re reporting a fake account, someone who’s posting highly inappropriate content, or some jerk who has been harassing you, Facebook wants to know exactly why you have a problem with said user. Facebook has always …

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Women Spearhead Facebook Defriending

Facebook users appear to be beginning to realize that their Facebook friends will never be their actual, in-real-life friends – and women especially have began to trim down their digital buddy lists. According to a Pew study, more users are also untagging themselves from photos, deleting comments and cleaning up wall posts. And women and younger users tend to streamline …

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Iran May Be Blocking Web Sites

We’re one day away from the the anniversary of the 1979 Iranian revolution that ended with the collapse of the royal regime. Iran is reportedly blocking Web sites on the eve of the revolution in an assumed attempt to stifle any potential unrest. The Next Web is reporting that Web sites using the “https” protocol are being blocked. Those include …

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