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Best Blenders For Making Delicious Smoothies

Forget about buying the “best blender” on the market. According to Consumer Reports, there’s simply no such thing. If you’re looking for blenders for making delicious smoothies, you should instead think in terms of the “best blender for smoothies”. So what are the best blenders for getting a smooth, tasty, non-mulch-filled smoothie? These blenders are among the best on the …

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The Online Mistakes Of The Music Business

In the April issue of Blender, they take a look at the "20 biggest record company screw-ups of all time."

Topping the list is the major record labels and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for rejecting a billion dollar settlement from Napster and not finding a way to make money off file sharing services.

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YouTube’s Huge Marketing Success

Brad Baldwin of Rocky Mountain Voices was hanging out with me and told me about this story.

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Marbles Lost, Blender Co. Mixes Up YouTube

If anyone doubted the wild, wonderful things a marketer can do with a phenomenon like YouTube, they can suspend that disbelief by turning to Blendtec. A $50 demonstration of sheer blending power attracted six million viewers in just five days.

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