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Blekko Privacy Features Announced, 48-Hour Data Retention Blekko Privacy Features Announced, 48-Hour Data Retention

Blekko announced some new privacy settings this morning. Personal info (like IP addresses) will now be retained for a maximum of 48 hours. That compares to the 18-month policy employed by Google (and Yahoo), and the 6-month policy employed by …

Blekko Already Powers Search on Topix After Just Six Months of Existence Blekko Already Powers Search on Topix After Just Six Months of Existence
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Blekko announced that it will begin powering the search functionality on local news aggregation site Topix, calling it “an unprecedented partnership for a search engine not yet six months old.” That Topix is turning to such a young search engine …

Social Search – Blekko’s More Aggressive Approach Social Search – Blekko’s More Aggressive Approach
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It’s no secret that search and social are overlapping more and more. In fact, Ted Ulle of Converseon told us last year that he believed the two would eventually unite and be called something like, integrated media marketing, or IMM.

Blekko Deepens Facebook Integration as Google Continues to Ignore It Blekko Deepens Facebook Integration as Google Continues to Ignore It
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Blekko is now including integration with Facebook Comments in its search results. Users who login with their Facebook accounts can communicate Based on the comments we received on a recent article about the potential Facebook data could have in Google …

MerchantCircle Goes From Panda Victim to Blekko Curator MerchantCircle Goes From Panda Victim to Blekko Curator
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Interesting news from Blekko today. The alternative search engine, focused on weeding out spam from search, has partnered with one of the top sites impacted by Google’s Panda update – MerchantCircle. MerchantCircle is a small business community site with 1.6 …

Blekko and BrightEdge Partner on Fighting Brand-Based Search Spam Blekko and BrightEdge Partner on Fighting Brand-Based Search Spam
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Blekko has partnered with SEO platform BrightEdge to fight search spam. Blekko is giving BrightEdge access to real-time link graph information, so companies can verify that their own links are legitimate as well as whether sites ranking ahead of them …

Blekko Flags More Than A Million Domains As Spam
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Blekko has launched a new AdSpam algorithm it says is the first of its kind created to find spam rather than rank results. The algorithm is aimed at flagging pages which are spam and zapping them before they appear in …

Blekko Launches Link Widget and Embeddable Search Box

Community-driven search engine Blekko has introduced new publisher tools focused on link transparency and customized search via Blekkogear. One of the new tools is called Blekko Link Roll, an embeddable site widget that shows links to a site in real …

Blekko Partners with Stack Overflow for Programming Queries
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Blekko just announced it is now using the Stack Overflow community to help improve and maintain programming-related slashtags for its search engine. Stack Overflow, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a programming Q&A site built by programmers for other programmers. 

DuckDuckGo Follows Content Farm Banning With Promoting wikiHow Content
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Today, DuckDuckGo has started "hard wiring" wikiHow as the first result on its search engine results pages for how-to queries. 

wikiHow founder Jack Herrick (who also ran eHow before selling to Demand Media) tells WebProNews, "As you know, there is tons of buzz on the web about what Google’s next step will be with tackling low quality content from content farms."

Blekko Queries on the Rise, More So Since Content Farm Blocking
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Blekko says its search queries climbed to a million a day in January. CEO Rich Skrenta tells WebProNews that Blekko has seen growth since its announcement that it has banned some content farms from its index

Google vs. Bing Battle Continues, Users Should Benefit In the End
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The Google vs. Bing search wars continues to rage on, and there’s no reason to assume it will go away anytime soon. More and more takes on the subject are coming out, and the storyline is getting more dramatic with each addition. 

Confirmation: The Google Algorithm Change Was Not for Content Farms
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When Google’s Matt Cutts recently posted on his personal blog about an algorithm update, many people took that to mean that this was geared at cracking down on content farms, as the phrase "content farms" had made an appearance in another post on the Google blog before that. 

Google, Bing, and Blekko Talk Content Farms and Search Quality

Matt Cutts from Google, Harry Shum from Bing, and Rich Skrenta from Blekko spoke on a panel today at the Farsight Summit. Much of the conversation was around the Bing/Google results copying ordeal, but part of the conversation was about search quality in general, and the impact content farms are having on it. 

Blekko Goes Mobile with Android and iPhone Apps

Blekko has launched new mobile apps for iPhone and Android, which include the search engine’s /date functionality and the ability to mark search results as spam.

If you’re unfamiliar with Blekko, it launched late last year as a human-curated approach to search aimed at eliminating spam from search results by way of human editing. With the new app, users can also "slash in" what they want and "slash out" what they don’t want. 

Blekko CEO On The “Useless Garbage” Of The Web
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Late last week, Blekko launched the Spam Clock – the search engine’s illustration of how quickly the web is being flooded with spam. More specifically, it counts up the number of spam pages added to the web since January 1. What is not so clear by looking at it, however, is just what Blekko is considering spam (though the page does remind us that spammers are out to: harm users, steal publisher traffic, and defraud advertisers. 

Blekko Launches Spam Clock
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Blekko, the recently launched search engine that relies on the community to help maintain relevancy, has launched "The Spam Clock". This is essentially a counter that displays the number of spam pages created since the year started. 

Blekko Adds Facebook “Likes” to Search Results
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Bing announced yesterday that it is integrating more Facebook "likes" into search results, but Blekko, the new kid on the block, is now also providing such data, courtesy of Facebook Connect. 

"Now log onto Blekko through Facebook Connect and you’ll be able to see whether or not your friends have ‘Liked’ a particular search result," a Blekko representative tells WebProNews. 

Blekko: Search and Shop Safely This Holiday Season

Community-driven search engine Blekko has been in the news a lot since its launch, and today it announced a way for users to do their holiday shopping without having to worry about shopping on an untrustworthy site. 

Is a Shake-Up Brewing in the Search Market?
Rich Skrenta Talks Blekko as “The Third Search Engine”
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If you follow the search industry closely, or even just tech news, you’ve probably heard that there’s a new search engine in town, from the co-founder and former CEO of Topix and NewHoo (which went on to become The Open …