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Google Proves To Be Inconsistent By Adding Grooveshark To Their Autosuggest Blacklist

As Google’s march towards becoming the big brother who knows what’s best for their users, even if their users disagree, continues unabated, are we witnessing the company undo all the goodwill it built up over the years? Findings seem to suggest that trend, and when the company responds to why they did things like get rid of Google Reader, despite …

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Google Autocomplete No Longer Excludes “Bisexual”

There are thousands of words that Google has “blacklisted,” meaning they won’t trigger any suggestions within Google’s autocomplete feature. If you don’t quite understand what I’m talking about, head on over to Google and type in “football.” Before your fingers even hit the letter “t,” there’s a good chance that “football” or “football score” or something similar is dropped down …

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