Google Goes After Yet Another Link Network

Google Goes After Yet Another Link Network

By Chris Crum December 16, 2013 | 1 Comment

Earlier this month, Google revealed that it would be cracking down on more link networks, following a larger trend that has been taking place throughout the year. Google’s Matt Cutts hinted on Twitter that Google was taking action on the …

Google Webspam Update Draws Mixed Reviews Google Webspam Update Draws Mixed Reviews

Google’s Matt Cutts has been talking about leveling the playing field for sites that don’t participate in “over-optimization”. Last month at SXSW, Cutts made something of a pre-announcement about such changes, and it looks like a major part of these …

Google Webspam Update: Where’s The Viagra? [Updated] Google Webspam Update: Where’s The Viagra? [Updated]

Update: Viagra.com is back at number one. As you may know, Google launched a new algorithm update, dubbed the Webspam Update. According to Google, it’s designed to keep sites engaging in black hat SEO tactics from ranking. The update is …

Going From Black Hat To White Hat Not Always A Win Going From Black Hat To White Hat Not Always A Win

Much of the discussion in the SEO community of late has been related to Google’s efforts to “level the playing field” for mom and pops vs. those with bigger marketing budgets, and comments to this effect made by Matt Cutts …

Royal Wedding Brings Out the Cyber Criminals Royal Wedding Brings Out the Cyber Criminals
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Cyber criminals are exploiting the world’s fascination with the British Royal Wedding, which is taking place on Friday. They’re using the attention the event is getting to bolster spam campaigns and push rogue antivirus software through black hat search tactics, …

A Black Hat Debate At SES Chicago

This is the time of year when morality becomes mainstream; just try going a day without hearing references to "naughty," "nice," a scrooge, or a grinch.  It seems appropriate, then, that at SES Chicago, there was a session called "Black Hat, White Hat: Does It Really Matter Anymore?"

Exploring The Google Penalty Box

Pick a number between 6 and 950 and you’ll likely find evidence, or at least the antecedent number, for a Google ranking penalty. Webmasters and SEOers are in general agreement Google penalizes, and have dubbed them according to their numeric reprimand: -6, -30, -60, -950, and so on. Google inadvertently in cases has acknowledged such penalties exist, but has yet to present any hard and fast rules.

Matt Cutts Provides More Cloaking Giggles
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A Danish company provided the daily allowance of raised eyebrows for its claim of offering undetectable cloaking techniques.

New York Times Third Best At “Sex”?

If you were, by some chance, to search for “sex” on Google, what sort of sites would you expect to see?  Perhaps we shouldn’t give explicit examples, but a lot of users were surprised when internal archive search results from the New York Times ranked just behind Wikipedia and Salon.

The End of Black Hat SEO?

Many SEO specialists have taken exception to repeated comments made by Jason Calacanis, who claims that the profession is mostly comprised of charlatans and two-bit tricksters who rely on little more than shady smoke and mirror tactics alongside technical chicanery to boost a site