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MasterCard Is Using Facial Recognition for Online Purchases

Biometric security is on the rise, by all reports. One recently suggested that by 2019, over 770 million biometric authentication applications will be downloaded each year. Right now that number is about six million. Apple and other smartphone makers are pushing it forward with fingerprint ID systems. Will biometrics ever completely edge out the password? Maybe. Hopefully. The password is …

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PayPal Will Let You Approve Payments Using Your Fingerprint On The Galaxy S5

Sooner or late, we’re all going to be using biometric data when shopping for anything. While it’s not exactly a fool proof method, it’s certainly better than the current magnetic strips found on credit and debit cards. While such a future is still years away, early adopters who use PayPal can start authenticating purchases with their fingerprints in March. PayPal …

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Biometric Security is Coming to the Mobile Workplace

With the workplace becoming more mobile and bring-you-own-device programs beginning to become popular, more businesses than ever now need potent mobile security. While the mobile security software industry will certainly become a major segment of the business-to-business tech market in the coming years, mobile hardware security will also become a billion-dollar market by the end of 2014. This new market …

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