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Bing Fund Adds Sonar To Its Roster

Bing announced today that it has added another company – Sonar – to its Bing Fund roster. Bing Fund was launched last year as an “angel investor with an incubator”. In August, Bing unveiled its initial startups. Now, after remaining quiet for the rest of the year, they seem to be picking up the pace a bit. Last month, Bing …

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Bing Starts Funding Matchmaking Startup LikeBright

Bing announced today that it has added LikeBright to the Bing Fund, its “angel investor with an incubator”. Bing Fund launched in July, and then unveiled its first startups the following month. These were Buddy and Pinion. LikeBright is the first startup Bing Fund has added since then. Senior Program Manager Aya Zook says LikeBright “has the potential to fill …

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Bing Reveals First Bing Fund Startups

Bing unveiled the Bing Fund last month, describing it as an angel investor with an incubator, “working with hot startups to innovate online.” Bing announced today the first two startups it has been working with: Buddy and Pinion. The former, based in Kirkland, Washington, provides hosted and managed web services for application development. The latter is located in Bellevue, and …

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Bing Fund Gets A Proper Unveiling: Here’s What It Has To Offer

Earlier this week, we reported on The Bing Fund, which was basically in the “coming soon” stage. Now, it’s here. On the BingFund homepage, it says, “Hi, we’re an angel investor with an incubator, working with hot startups to innovate online.” According to the site, Bing Fund intends to focus on a few startups at a time, and as it …

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Soon, Bing Is Going To Have Something Fun

Bing is working on something called Bing Fund, but not any details are available yet. Apparently it will be fun though. If you visit BingFund.com, all you’ll get is the image/message above. ITProPortal reports that Bing Fund will launch in July, and is being led by VoodooPC founder Rahul Sood, as an investment program for startups and entrepreneurs. BingFund has …

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