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Cholesterol, New Drug May Bring Billions In Revenue

Sanofi and Regeneron have come together to create a drug that lowers cholesterol and allows people more choices with monitoring individual cholesterol levels. The drug has the potential to sweep through the medial world with current projections aiming that the drug may provide a $3 billion industry by itself. The new drug, alirocumab, is a PCSK9 inhibitor. But what does …

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Track Mark Zuckerberg’s IPO Reward in Real-Time

Considering how Friday’s world is revolving around Facebook’s IPO, is there anything more fitting than watching Mark Zuckerberg’s incredible worth fluctuate as Facebook’s stock prices raise and occasionally lower? Thanks to an embeddable widget from the Wall Street Journal, you can now live vicariously through Zuckerberg’s apparently unending wealth. As of this writing, Zuckerberg’s total worth is hovering near the …

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Mexicans Well Overcharged Billions In Phone Web

Mexico is the second largest Latin American economy, but it seems the cost of phone and internet bills are holding it back. From the years of 2005-2009, consumers in mexico spent 13.4 billion dollars per year excess for phone and internet. Also it seems the highest fees impacted the poorer families. This overcharging ended up costing the country 129 billion …

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YouTube Now Has Over 4 Billion Video Views A Day

Whatever you were just doing in the very second it took you to start reading this sentence, an entire hour of video was uploaded to YouTube. And yes, another hour of video was uploaded per each subsequent second after that original one. And so on. That’s the big news from YouTube today, who announced on their blog earlier that they …

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