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Mega Millions Jackpot: Close To Half A Billion

Mega Millions, the latest popular lotto game, is certainly living up to its name recently. The drawing last night, worth $363 million for six numbers, didn’t produce a single winner–although almost 50 people came close with five of the correct numbers. Each of those winners claimed $250,000, which is nothing to sneeze at…but coming so close to that huge jackpot …

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Facebook Gets $8 Billion Line of Credit

As part of some strategic moves Facebook is making ahead of their IPO, the company has received financing to the tune of $8 billion. The loans include a $5 billion revolving line of credit and a $3 billion 364-day bridge loan. This credit line will replace the companies current $2.5 billion revolving credit line used for general business purposes. The …

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Tweet Milestone Accelerating Beyond Expectation

Twitter hit  a new milestone yesterday – 20 billion tweets.

According to Mashable, the milestone comes just two months after the service hit 15 billion tweets and about five months since it reached 10 billion, indicating that activity levels on the microblogging service continue to accelerate.

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