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Elizabeth Warren Seeks to Lessen Student Loan Burden

On Monday, President Obama signed an executive order which would extend the ability to cap one’s student loan repayment amount at 10 percent of one’s income, finally allowing those who borrowed money before 2007 to take advantage of an opportunity many have already capitalized on. Following his own executive order, Obama continued to push student-loan legislation, however, as he endorsed …

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Fire Department Charges Family $20,000 After Their Home Burns Down

A family in Surprise, Arizona certainly got the shock of their life after their home burned down and they received a bill for almost $20,000. Even though their home was a total loss, they are still expected to pay $19,825 to a private fire department the family says showed up after the fire was put out. The family didn’t have …

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Michigan Beer Bill: No Skimping On a Pint!

Ever sat down and ordered a pint of beer only to drain the glass a little too quickly? If so, don’t be too quick to call yourself a lush because that pint you ordered might not have really been 16 ounces. Lawmakers in Michigan are working to make sure that their constituents aren’t victims of ounce skimping and introduced what …

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Senate Panel OKs Bill Against Same-Sex Job Bias

AP reports that a Senate panel has approved a bill that would prohibit employers from discriminating against workers on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The bill had support from every one of the Democrats and three of the Republicans on the committee of 22, which indicates that it has a strong chance of passage in the Senate …

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Arizona House Bill 2549 Looks To Combat Internet Trolling

For those who have perused the internet for any considerable amount of time will tell you, it really does bring out the worst in people. The ‘invisible man‘ syndrome is on full display when you visit most sites that offer the ability to comment, or join a forum. Why bother adhering to the decency of society when no one can …

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