TicketsatWork and the World of Corporate Perks Programs

TicketsatWork and the World of Corporate Perks Programs

By WebProNews Staff September 23, 2014

Something’s happening in the world of company employee benefits and if you work in human resources or if you’re a business owner, I suggest you perk up (no pun intended). Keeping the people who work for you happy and content …

Build Links While Publishing Your Full RSS Feed

Many bloggers have been touting the benefits of publishing your full blog or site’s full RSS feed. In fact, they have been talking about it for a long time. But did you know that most likely even if you are publishing your full RSS feed you are not taking advantages of its link building benefits?

People Search is Getting Social

Wink.com says they’re the largest people search engine in the world. But to me, they look like a people meta-search engine, pulling their information from the web at large as well as from MySpace, LinkedIn and other people search engines. Now they’re expanding their site to include profiles.

For once, the connection between a product (the people search website) and a social network actually made perfect sense to me: you can “claim” your profile in search results, then add to it or modify it.

Marketers Plan for More Social Media Benefits

It’s always nice to see another bit of research supporting the business use of social media. This one comes from Prospero Technologies, which provides businesses with a social media platform including blogs, widgets, article commenting, ratings and reviews and other tools.

Back To School Season Benefits Search Engines

Pencil . . . check.  Paper . . . check.  Access to your search engine of choice . . . check.  Well, maybe schools aren’t putting Google on their supply lists, but the back to school season has turned out well for all the major search companies.

Twitter & the Power of Micro-Blogging in Emergencies

As time goes by, and we get to read more and more on the various benefits from

Company Benefits from Employee Intranet Blogs

G. Oliver Young is fast becoming my new hero. Every time this Forrester analyst puts out a paper, it provides me with fodder to support my arguments supporting social media in the enterprise.

GM Launches Social Media Newsroom in Europe
When you think of General Motors and social media, you tend to think of the FastLane Blog and GM vice chairman and corporate blogger-in-chief, Bob Lutz.

How do Blogs Measure up?
One of the benefits of being an IABC member is Communication World, the magazine for members.

The September/October edition, which arrived in the mail today, is packed full of great content and is one of the better issues I’ve read in a while.

Corporate Study Shows You Should Pay More

More bandwidth, not bandwidth manipulation, has been one of the technical solutions offered as an answer to the growing capacity demands of services like VoIP and video. It’s also been used as a rebuttal to telecom industry arguments against Net Neutrality, a rebuttal, um, rebutted in a new study sponsored by…

Benefits of Reciprocal Favoriting

Blogging experts and social media marketing experts frequently write about how important it is to build up a network of friends on social bookmarking sites, and even encourage careful gaming of the system by email and instant messenger.

That is gaming the system purely for their own benefit.

They might also frequently suggest you Digg their content, or add them to your bookmarks, or we could also add to that list "Add Me To Your Technorati Favorites", or "Subscribe to my feed".

Is Search Going Social?

Finding true relevance in search results is becoming the new focus of users who are looking to the web for their information needs. For years, the algorithm has been the standard method that search engines have employed to determine relevance and deliver comprehensive results. Social search, however, could represent a change in search philosophy.

Even though Google prides itself with impressive algorithms and the latest in anti-spam technology, are search engines like Google truly succeeding at delivering results that are relevant to search terms?

Small Business and Health Care

As a small business owner, I’m concerned about the growing costs of health care. This year our insurance went up 16%…nothing to sneeze at. We also upped our company contribution to 60% (from 50%), so I’m acutely aware of this cost on our bottom line.

A few weeks back, BusinessWeek ran an interesting story called Get Healthy–Or Else, about how Scotts, the lawn-care company, is tackling the high cost of health insurance. Some might argue their approach is forward thinking (one employee’s life was saved by being nagged to go to a physical) or invasive (another employee was let go for failing a drug test for…tobacco.)

Yahoo Says Your Love Life Sucks

Welcome to Dumpsville, Population: You. It’s National Break-Up Season according to Yahoo, and I can’t wait to see the Hallmark cards for this.

The Balance Between Short and Long copy

While you may have read about creating quality information for your websites and how to write it, you may also be interested in know how much to write about your products, services, sales copy, etc.

Benefits of Web-Based Conferencing

I recently graduated from college, and instead of taking a corporate programming job, my friend and I started our own web development company.

Business Benefits of RSS and Content Syndication

If you do a search for RSS and marketing in either Yahoo News or the blog and feed search engine Technorati, you’ll very soon realize just how fast the use of RSS is growing,