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Chloe Bennet Says Acting Career Took Off When She Changed Her Name

Actress Chloe Bennet believes her luck in Hollywood changed within days of adopting a new surname. The 22-year-old actress was born Chloe Wang, the daughter of a Chinese father and Caucasian mother in Chicago, IL. “I was having trouble booking things with my last name. I think it was hard for people to cast me as an ethnic, as an …

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Johnny Depp and Amanda Heard: It’s Official!

It looks like Johnny Depp’s excessive amount of jewelry hasn’t put any kind of damper on his love life. He has been happily in love with his new fiancé Amber Heard. The Pirates actor recently made his engagement to the gorgeous actress public while promoting his latest film Transcendence. The 50-year-old actor was hanging out in Beijing earlier in the …

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Malia Obama Wears Affordable Topshop Dress in China

Malia Obama posed for photos in Beijing, China on Friday wearing an affordable Topshop dress. The dress was a short-sleeve floral print mini. One source identified it as the “Crocus Crop Skater Dress” sold for around $138 by British fashion retailer Topshop. Malia paired the dress with black tights and flats. In the photo, she appears to be as tall …

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Joe Biden Visits China Amid Air Zone Tensions

US Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Asia as tensions are escalating between China and Japan over a newly established Chinese air defense identification zone in the East China Sea. The tensions center around the tiny Senkaku Islands (known as the Diaoyu in China) which are within the new air defense zone. Although Japan has controlled the islands for many …

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Beijing Mushroom Cloud Leaves Residents Concerned

Beijing mushroom cloud: What in the world is it? According to the AFP, the enormous cloud, which many describe as something you’re likely to witness following an atomic explosion, is the direct result of illegal straw burning. Although some have claimed that the cloud is actually the fallout from a chlorine leak at a chemical or an eruption at a …

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Questionable Chaos, Eggs Break Out At iPhone 4S Release In China

Question: What gets Apple fans really excited? Announcing that they can buy the newest iPhone. Question: What gets Apple fans really livid? Announcing that they can’t buy the newest iPhone. This was the social experiment that unfolded today in Beijing, where Apple had planned to launch the iPhone 4S to China. But after getting a little stage fright due to …

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