Chloe Bennet Says Acting Career Took Off When She Changed Her Name

Chloe Bennet Says Acting Career Took Off When She Changed Her Name

By Shana Norris May 14, 2014

Actress Chloe Bennet believes her luck in Hollywood changed within days of adopting a new surname. The 22-year-old actress was born Chloe Wang, the daughter of a Chinese father and Caucasian mother in Chicago, IL. “I was having trouble booking …

Questionable Chaos, Eggs Break Out At iPhone 4S Release In China Questionable Chaos, Eggs Break Out At iPhone 4S Release In China
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Question: What gets Apple fans really excited? Announcing that they can buy the newest iPhone. Question: What gets Apple fans really livid? Announcing that they can’t buy the newest iPhone. This was the social experiment that unfolded today in Beijing, …

Fans Flock Online For Olympic Coverage

With the first week of the 2008 Beijing Olympics completed, Nielsen Online has released a report on how fans around the globe used the Internet to follow the games.

Fans in 10 countries visited Beijing2008.cn, the official web site of Beijing games, at a rate of 930,000 per day, with traffic surpassing one million unique visitors on a number of days, as they searched for Olympic results, news and video.

How Exclusive Sponsorships Can Backfire

There is a myth in marketing today that many people blindly believe about sponsoring events … that you always need exclusivity. The benefits of being an exclusive sponsor are easy to list, but there are some less considered negative aspects that could end up doing more harm to your brand than good. Let’s look at the stories of a worldwide Olympic sponsor for whom the strategy of being an exclusive sponsor may not be such a good idea … Visa.

Miss An Olympic Moment? Yahoo To The Rescue

The time difference between China and America, plus the vagaries of NBC’s scheduling, may leave people missing something at the Summer Olympics.

Bloggers Take Aim At Olympic Fakery

Bloggers are expressing their anger today after it was revealed that China decided at the Olympic opening ceremony to have a cute little girl lip-synching for the real singer who had crooked teeth.

Social Media’s Role In The 2008 Olympics

beijing2008logo The opening ceremony for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing gets underway at midday GMT today, an event that will be broadcast live on television across the world.

During the next two weeks, you’ll be hard pressed to avoid seeing and hearing about the Olympic Games whenever you turn on the TV or radio or pick up a newspaper at the newsstand.

The Secret Of #080808 And The Beijing Olympics

Anyone who has been to enough events with social media creators knows that it is inevitable that people will find a way to connect and find one another. To a degree, Twitter first caught on from this need a year and a half ago at SXSW in 2007. I have witnessed it over and over, through examples like attendees of four conferences finding one another to share an evening of Korean BBQ in NYC a few months ago, or finding someone to hang out with as you are travelling to a foreign city for business.

Getting Olympic Content On Your Blog

I just landed in Beijing and will be spending the next two weeks here as part of the promotional efforts for what I have previously called my dream project, helping Lenovo to promote its Voices of the Summer Games site that features 100 Olympic athletes blogging their journies to Beijing and experiences at the Olympics.

Olympic Internet Ticket Scam Dupes Fans
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People hoping to attend the Beijing Olympic Games have become victims of an international Internet ticket scam in which thousands of fake tickets were offered the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said today.

The IOC and the United States Olympic Committee filed a lawsuit last week accusing at least half a dozen Web sites of selling bogus tickets. The action comes too late to help people find replacement seats at the Games.

Global Olympic Blog Project

 This past week in the string of posts about the book coming out, I’ve been stockpiling ideas for "real" blog posts and wanting to write about them more and more. Thankfully now that I launched the Personality Matters blog, I will post most of the updates about the book there and refocus on marketing strategy and insights here. I can’t promise I won’t share the occasional post about the book …

IOC Issues New Internet Rules

The International Olympic Committee has issued updated rules for new media covering the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The rules will allow media organizations to use their own Web sites to host written and photographic coverage of the games if it is for normal journalistic and editorial use. "The Internet is an important medium for the communication and promotion of sport and the Olympic Movement," the IOC said in the guidelines.

Beijing Halts Sale Of Olympic Tickets

Ticket sales for next year’s Olympic Games in Beijing were temporarily suspended Tuesday for a week after the ticketing system crashed due to heavy demand by Chinese sports fans.

Chinese Virtual Economy A Threat To Middleman

The Middleman may never be terminated, but he is cruisin’ for a bruisin’ in the digital age. The latest assault will come, surprisingly, from China, as the government unveils plans to produce a 3D virtual world that allows consumers to order directly from the manufacturer.

Google Caught In Name Game – Again

In Germany, Google’s already lost its hold on the term “Gmail”; now Beijing Guge Science and Technology has challenged the company’s right to use the Chinese version of “Google” itself.

Google Prompts MBD Speculation

What is MBD? Why is it in Google’s robots.txt file? Who reads Google’s robots.txt file enough to notice this? Where can you find the answer?

Beijing Backs out of Microsoft Contract

An order for Microsoft software was cancelled by Beijing’s municipal government after complaints that local governments do not support software developed domestically.