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Forrester Report Finds Behavioral Marketing Data Is Working, But 45% Aren’t Capturing Data

Forrester has put out a new report commissioned by Silverpop, surveying 157 U.S. marketers on behavioral data and automation. “Of the findings, the most notable might be that while marketers who leverage buyer insight / data in their campaigns experience significant biz benefits above their peers, behavioral data still remains, per Forrester, ‘the greatest untapped marketing asset’—with only 45% actually …

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Google Extends Ad Targeting Based on Browsing History. Good or Bad?

Remember Google’s interest-based advertising? You know, where they serve you ads based on your browsing history, and allow advertisers to behaviorally target users? It has now rolled out on a mass scale after a two-year beta run. All advertisers can now utilize this targeting. What do you think about Interest-based advertising? Let us know in the comments. The way Google’s …

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