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Best Beach Getaways In The United States

It’s summertime and it seems like everyone is running to the nearest beach for some fun in the sun and water. While everyone has their favorite beach, some are just plain better than others. If you are taking your first …

Huge Great White Shark Tagged In Australia

Great white sharks are the ultimate predators of the sea and creatures that many people fear. While great white sharks are only responsible for a small number of shark attacks, they are known as one of the largest and most …

Shark Photobomb, Just When You Thought it Was Safe!

Some types of sharks such as great whites have a reputation for being fierce predators, the type that can easily capture prey. So, when a shark is noticed as part of the backdrop within a family picture after-the-fact, surprise is …

Beaches Tops In Web Cam Searches

Ah, the Web cam. So simple, so abused. But they can be used for good, and though you might assume the Internet (as in, the collective online population) uses them mostly for nefarious and seedy peeping-Tom purposes, that’s not really true, not mostly.

Keyword Report: Indiana Has a Beach?
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Searches for beach information have spiked, according to Yahoo, just in time for the start of summer. Searchers are even looking for beaches in Indiana.