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Bay Bridge Troll: The Fate of the Icon

As the Bay Bridge gets ready for some remodeling and replacing of some sections, people all over the world wonder what will happen to the whimsical troll that, from his perch, single-handedly keeps the bridge from collapsing? Will he (guessing on the gender, here) be thrown into the same scrap heap as his illustrious home? Absolutely not, says Bay Bridge …

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San Francisco Bay Bridge Construction Remains on Schedule

SF Bay Bridge is getting a makeover this Labor Day weekend as crews working on all things construction on the bridge. A “much more picturesque ride” awaits motorists in San Francisco on Tuesday, but say goodbye to the old East Span. The SF Bay Bridge was closed for a long weekend starting Wednesday at 8 p.m. and crews have already …

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Jack Dorsey Vines His Trip Up The Bay Bridge

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey shared an interesting (and somewhat nauseating) series of Vines today, as he took his smartphone while he climbed the Bay Bridge. Thanks to Dorsey’s venture, we’re treated to a rather close-up look at the structure of the bridge and at what the scenery (and cars) look like below. Enjoy the ride (please allow a few seconds …

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