Barry Diller Talks Net Neutrality at SXSW

Barry Diller Talks Net Neutrality at SXSW

By Chris Crum March 14, 2011

Barry Diller spoke about the various aspects of the media today. We looked at what he had to say about the The Daily Beast/Newsweek deal, The Daily, and the iPad here. Diller also spoke for a bit about net neutrality. …

Diller, Malone Open Court Battle Over IAC
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IAC’s Barry Diller and Liberty Media’s John Malone agreed upon a spinoff plan for IAC businesses, but a little something in the fine print turned the plan into a court fight.

Anonymous Source Shoots Down Ask Rumors

Amid blog-driven hype over possible layoffs at Ask and the abandonment of the search engine in favor of Google comes a rebuttal of those potential moves by Ask parent IAC.

Diller Facing Ouster From IAC

Ask.com parent company IAC faces a shakeup in the boardroom if Liberty Media’s John Malone succeeds in shoving Barry Diller out of the IAC chairman position.

IAC Jimmies The Ask CEO Office

A management reorg at Barry Diller’s IAC has Match.com’s former CEO Jim Safka heading up the Ask.com division, with outgoing CEO Jim Lanzone heading for the world of venture capital.

IAC Partners With Brightcove

IAC/Interactive Corp has entered into an agreement with online video syndication service Brightcove to create and distribute video online for IAC brands.

IAC Looks To AOL, Gaming

A recent interview with IAC chief Barry Diller revealed a couple of interesting tidbits: the possibility of an IAC-owned AOL; and the potential of online gaming.

IAC Shatters Into Five Pieces

Ticketmaster, Interval, Lending Tree, and the Home Shopping Network will be spun off IAC, leaving the group to exist as five separate publicly traded companies.

Media Giants Threatened By Web 2.0?

Two years ago, after YouTube had taken the Internet by storm, InterActiveCorp CEO Barry Diller scoffed at the idea that an amateur video-sharing site could threaten the entertainment industry.

Ask Ads Attack Algorithm Apathy
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People will see a nine-figure advertising campaign emerge from IAC as they spend $100 million of Barry Diller’s money to try and make Ask.com a search habit on the Internet

Diller Not Buying This Bubble

Barry Diller, the head of IAC/InterActiveCorp, thinks the market for Internet companies is priced well above what they are truly worth.