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Lionel Messi Now El Clasico’s All-Time Leading Goal Scorer

Lionel Messi has just become El Clasico’s all-time leading goal scorer, after scoring three goals in the game between Futbol Club Barcelona and Real Madrid Club de Futbol last Sunday. Messi is FC Barcelona’s forward and considered by many as the greatest footballer of all time. The El Clasico is any match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The match, …

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Lionel Messi Kicks Barcelona Into Quarter-Finals

Lionel Messi’s left foot scored the goal that placed Barcelona into the quarterfinals when the team won against Manchester City in the Champions League. Barcelona has been in a slump lately, and Messi’s winning kick has broken the spell. The kick came when there was just about 20 minutes left on the clock. The ball dropped near Messi and he …

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Carles Puyol Announces He Will Leave Barcelona

Many fans of Barcelona and Carles Puyol received some bad news Tuesday. The defender announced he will be leaving the team at the end of the season. Puyol’s reason for leaving is to take some time off from football after many seasons filled with injuries. This decision to leave may also put his future in football (soccer to us American …

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Antoni Gaudí Gets a Wacky Google Doodle

Today, Google is honoring Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí, best known as the leader of the Catalan Modernism movement. He was born in Reus, in Spain’s Catalonia region in 1852. Today’s Doodle is pretty abstract, as some people who visit the Google homepage today are surely doing a double-take. The Doodle celebrates what would we the artist’s 161st birthday. He died …

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Lady Gaga Vomits Onstage Several Times

Lady Gaga must have whatever Justin Bieber had last week; Mother Monster got a little queasy on Saturday while performing in Barcelona and hurled while onstage, trying to hide it as best she could. Luckily, the show was almost over by the time she got sick and she soldiered through the rest of it like the superstar she is.

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Barcelona is Gorgeous from the Sky

The Eixample district in Barcelona features a unique combination of city planning and architecture that lays out the city in a perfect square grid. The design allows for ease of traffic and lots of shared green space in an otherwise packed urban environment. It also looks amazing from the air. (image) (image) [photos: all-that-is-interesting] Featuring the grid pattern and wide …

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