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Normal Barbie: Are You Buying One This Christmas?

It’s time to start shopping for Christmas and many little girls will be asking for Barbie dolls this year. While Barbie has changed a lot over the years, a recent doll called Normal Barbie may bring the biggest changes yet. The Normal Barbie, whose name is Lammily, is supposed to be modeled after the average 19-year-old woman. She is curvier …

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Plus Size Barbie Is Causing An Uproar

Many kids have played with, and dreamed of being that beautiful Barbie doll from childhood, and remember that slim, gorgeous beauty that was so popular, nearly all-little girls have some version of her. A version, meaning one of the vast selections of different collection dolls available today – such as the Happy New Year Doll, The Blondes Blond Gold Barbie, …

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Plus Size Barbie: Good For Whose Self-Esteem?

A debate has emerged this week over an image shared by plussizemodeling.com on their facebook and website. Because more and more plus size models are emerging to represent plus-size shoppers, there was a question of whether or not the iconic Barbie doll should also be made in a plus size version. Says the accompanying text, “In all honesty, we want …

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“Goth Barbie” Gives “Be Yourself” Message In World Of Bullies

“Goth Barbie” is what everyone–including Mattel executives–is calling the girls of Monster High, a relatively new line of dolls who are descendants of famous monsters. The toy line debuted in 2010 and blew up, way beyond the expectations of even the people who made them, and while Mattel says little girls still want their Barbie dolls, more and more are …

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Valeria Lukyanova Wants to Be a Human Barbie Doll: Twitter Reacts

Valeria Lukyanova, in this writer’s humble opinion, is one seriously scary individual. I may lose some credibility amongst my fiercely heterosexual friends, but the Ukrainian model gives me the creeps. Maybe its her giant, glassy eyes, or, perhaps, her impossibly tiny waist. Whatever the case may be, looking at her pictures gives me a serious case of the willies. If …

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