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Google’s ‘Promise-Breaking’ Banner Ads On Search Results Aren’t Happening

Last fall, Google was spotted testing a big banner-style ad in search results. As we know, any of these tests can quickly become real features at any time, but it looks like Google has killed this one. The “banner” appeared on certain branded search results, such as this page for Southwest Airlines: Google testing sponsored cover photos in SERPs cc: …

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Are Banner Ads Still Working? [Infographic]

Banner ads have been around for almost a decade. Their design is actually very intelligent; colorful and eye-catching the viewer is compelled to click on them to see where they lead. Well, as the saying goes, “I’m not gonna fall for that old trick”. Could it be that we have learned to ignore these fantastically annoying and colorful ads? Of …

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Google Explains AdMob Publisher And Mediation IDs

If you recall, Google released the Google AdMob 6.0 SDK last week. It brought with it a number of new features and upgrades to the existing SDK. Overall, it was a great release, but Google has found that some people are confused over one of the new features – mediation IDs. To help explain this new AdMob ID, the company …

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Thinking Outside the Box of Banner Ad Clicks

Think seriously for a moment: when was the last time you legitimately saw an ad online and clicked on it to find out more about the product being advertised? Unless you said, “Never,” you are lying because nobody clicks on those pervasive distractions. The only time I even have an interaction with an ad is when I’m confronted with one …

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