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Credit Unions: Are They Better Than Banks?

There are a few reasons why more and more Americans are quitting big banks and moving on to smaller, local credit unions. For starters, a credit union is not an institution that is set up to meet a bottom line. Did you know that when you invest money in a credit union, you are granted voting rights? This is a …

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Félix Trinidad Makes Debt Deal After Millions Lost

The story of Félix “Tito” Trinidad Jr. and his lost millions may be sad to fans and onlookers, but the situation is unfortunately so common in sports it’s almost predictable. It’s not at all uncommon for mega-wealthy athletes to lose their millions after their sports careers are over. The culprits are typically shady hanger-on types who turn out to have …

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Vatican Monsignor Arrested for Money Laundering

A former senior Vatican accountant who is already on house arrest is facing yet another charge for money laundering. Monsignor Nunzio Scarano is currently facing separate charges from last year for smuggling 20m euros into Italy. However, on Tuesday, he, along with two other suspects, were placed under arrest for the latest crime. According to investigators, 52 people are considered …

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JP Morgan Lawsuit Ends with $13 Billion Settlement

In 2008, the United States witnessed its worst financial catastrophe since the Great Depression. The collapse of the economy here in the United States not only led to housing market woes and consumer losses in the stock market, but also to the fall of several large financial institutions, the bailout of national banks, and even a downturn in European markets. …

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JP Morgan’s Twitter PR Act Was “A Bad Idea”

The person behind JP Morgan’s Twitter account thought it’d be a good idea to host “our first live Q&A on leadership & career advice w/a leading $JPM executive on 11/14.” Twitter users were prompted to use the hashtag #AskJPM to give direct questions to the senior executive. This prompted a handful of Twitter users to pick up their proverbial social …

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I-55 Bank Robber Turns Himself In To FBI

Since May of this year, multiple banks along I-55 were robbery victims, and the FBI had reason to believe that the instances were connected by a single perpetrator. They described the man, dubbed the “I-55 bandit,” as “young (18 to 25 years old), tall (6’0” to 6’3”), and thin with short brown hair.” They also claimed that, “In all four …

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