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4 Million Digits of Pi In One Flash Image

Pi, or Π (and not pie) has a massive online following. Case in point, just take a look at how well Pi Day did in regards to Internet popularity. For those who don’t know, pi (Π) is an irrational number, representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, at least according to definitions. While the explanation may not …

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151 Pokemon As Interpreted By 151 Artists

In what may be one of the best art shows ever, the Light Grey Art Gallery in Minneapolis hosted the Pokemon Battle Royale. The show tasked 151 artists to bring their unique vision to one of the original 151 Pokemon. Here’s the official descriptor from the gallery: 151 artists have each selected and created original works of art inspired by …

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This Angry Birds USB Slingshot Is The Best Thing Since The Duck Hunt Gun

Are you still in love with Angry Birds, but sick of that repetitive finger sliding motion necessary to launch the little guys? In what appears to be the most intriguing game-appropriate controller since the big orange gun in Duck Hunt, “rapid prototyping for microcontroller” company mbed has developed a big wooden slingshot with which to destroy those smug pigs. Here’s …

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Hot Pocket Dispenser Is The Lazy, Hungry Gamer’s Dream Come True

How many times have you been playing Skyrim and thought “the only thing that would make this better is food?” My personal answer is 100+ times. If you’ve ever thought this, it most likely follows that you’ve wound up making some food. And what’s a good gamer fuel? Hot Pockets, of course. But once your molten hot factory-produced meat pastry …

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Homeless Teenager Becomes Semifinalist In Intel Science Competition

With the ETA of the workday’s end inching closer, here’s your feel-good story to ferry you into the weekend: Samantha Garvey, a 17-year-old high school senior in Long Island, New York, has been selected as a semifinalist in the eminent Intel Science Competition. That alone would be an accolade worth writing home about except this achievement is about to go …

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PowerTrekk: A Battery Charger That Runs On Water

It’s my favorite time of day right now: that time when we learn about sock-knocking-off technology that sounds like it was born on the bright side of the future. To quote one of my favorite animators, “When the aliens come they will be so great in so many different ways that everything we ever thought was cool will make us …

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Google Science Fair Showcases The Future Einsteins & Curies

Science fairs have come a long way from the days of those white cardboard tri-fold displays you had to decorate with construction paper letters and very messy Elmer’s glue. In my youth, we were tasked with menial experiments like investigating which object has the most buoyancy when placed in orange juice or how to make a baking soda volcano. We …

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