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Should You Buy A Twitter Account?

It’s been a mildly interesting weekend.

One of the interesting things that happened was a TechCrunch article that described Andrew Baron selling his Twitter account

It was the weekend, and I was looking for some quick amusement value, so I jumped into the auction on eBay.  Things got really interesting from there.

Google: We Really Tried To Get 700MHz License

Now that FCC requirements on not discussing the wireless spectrum auction have passed, Google disclosed a little information about the process and their participation.

eBay Sellers Make Statement, Site Not Listening
· 11

eBay disputed third-party claims about falling listings during a week-long protest by sellers opposed to fee increases imposed by the online marketplace.

eBay Sellers Talk Strike Over Changes
· 34

New policies that appear to favor big volume sellers over single-item and other small volume sellers on eBay have people talking about a boycott.

Verizon may have knocked out Google spectrum bid

Through several side bids for pieces of spectrum, Verizon may have outbid the top bid for the desired 700MHz C block auction and pushed it into a new scenario.

eBay Ends Auction Of Iraqi Relic

A 4,000-year-old clay tablet thought to have been smuggled illegally from Iraq was removed from eBay just before the close of an online auction.

The tablet had a wedge-shaped cuneiform script and had been put up for sale on eBay’s Swiss site. It caught the eye of a German archaeologist, who contacted the German police. They passed the information to their Swiss counter parts.

Authorities have launched criminal proceedings against the seller, who was identified only as a resident of Zurich.

Google Will Bid On Spectrum

Google will bid in the upcoming 700MHz wireless spectrum auction, the company announced this morning. Run by the Federal Communications Commission, the auction is scheduled to begin on January 24, and could run until March.

Ottawa to Hold Auction of the Wireless Spectrum

Tom Peters suggested that for many big companies the words "We’re No Worse Than the Other Guy" could be the company motto emblazoned in gold letters over the entrance.

He was describing banks but according to a recent survey on customer service the cell phone companies are the lowest on the totem pole.

Dallas Cowboys Return Cowboys.com Domain Name

Last week I spoke about SEO, Search, and Domain Names at the TRAFFIC domain name conference, held in Hollywood, Florida.

Singapore Internet Marketers & eBay Auction Specialists

…If you haven’t heard the news, you need to read this post.

The second installment of Jo Han Mok and Matt Bacak’s Internet Millionaire Incubator hits Singapore this Friday.

AT&T Sets Spectrum Price, Buys Out Aloha

The remaining frontier is in the sky, as you might guess, and AT&T’s buyout of Aloha’s chunk of 700 MHz spectrum in advance of January’s government auction is a strategic move to conquer that frontier.

eBay Buys Auction Management Software, Site

“German engineering” is often a selling point in and of itself.  And so I have to wonder how many times that phrase came up while eBay was in the process of acquiring ViA-Online GmbH, a German auction management software company.

Google Won’t Put Up Or Shut Up
· 2

As AT&T resorts to playground taunts, Google pushes up its glasses and resorts to economic theory. But it’s still not certain yet which side the FCC will take: the bully’s or the Poindexter’s.

Google Undecided On Joining Wireless Auction

With a nationwide transition to digital television slowly taking place, Google may be interested in participating in the federal auction of the 700MHz wireless bands.

eBay’s Kijiji US Debut Competes With…eBay
· 3

If opening the Kijiji classifieds site to American users draws business away from Craigslist, eBay stands to lose a little bit too.

Kerry Urges FCC To Open Up Spectrum Auction

Former Presidential candidate and Massachusetts senator John Kerry weighed in on the upcoming 700 MHz wireless spectrum auction, asking the Federal Communications Commission not to close off bidding to incumbent telecommunication and cable companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast.

FCC Gets Earful About Wireless Net Neutrality
· 1

The Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) was bombarded today pleas to keep a tight reign on the upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction to prevent phone and cable companies from expanding their grip on Internet access in the wireless realm.

Google Gives FCC Advice On Spectrum Auction

Looks like Google’s out to save the world again; the search engine company, which claims it won’t bid in an upcoming radio spectrum auction, is nonetheless proposing a new way for the FCC to conduct the affair.  According to Google, its method would increase competition among telecom companies (and thus benefit consumers).

Yahoo Auctions Ending Their Run
· 2

In June, Yahoo will give up competing with eBay and other auction sites in the US and Canada by shuttering Yahoo Auctions.

Recap: The Week in Search

This week the search world has been rampant with news of buyouts and related rumors. Here is a snapshot of the events of interest:

Ticketmaster’s Auction Model
TicketMaster, a near monopoly which hated ticket auctions in the past, now auctions seats for a premium. You can bid on an auction for row 1, and if the minimum bid drops below the required amount to win they will automatically drop you into an auction for row 2, and so on.

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