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Flickr Introduces Pinterest Attributed Sharing Flickr Introduces Pinterest Attributed Sharing

[UPDATE] Today Pinterest is also rolling out similar attribution for Behance, Vimeo, and YouTube. Check out the Pinterest blog for all of the details. [ORIGINAL] Flickr today announced a new way to share Flickr photos, favorites, groups, and galleries. On …

Last Click Attribution Debated At SES San Jose

Warren Buffet may eat a banana right before he buys a yacht, but luxury yacht builders would be making some pretty bad conclusions if they tried to connect the two events.  A session at SES San Jose examined whether or not the practice of last click attribution (which often points to paid search) fails in a similar manner.

Careful How You Use Flickr Images

When I started my music podcast, I needed an apporpriate image for the podcast blog. I found an ideal image on Flickr accompanied by a Creative Commons attribution share-alike license. The image of an electric guitar neck now graces the JamJourney blog.

Why’s My Free eBook For Sale On Amazon?
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Well-known marketing author, Seth Godin, doesn’t want you to buy his new book for sale on Amazon. First off, it’s not new. Godin published it in 2005. Second, he published it as an e-book and offered it for free download on his website.

So where did this $9.99 copy of Everyone’s an Expert (About Something) come from? It appears to be a company called BN Publishing, which has an eBay store as well. Godin’s book available in print form, distributed and promoted by Amazon, was news to him too.

Socialtext Proposes Attribution Provision

When going through the process of opening Socialtext, we need to choose a license that is a fit for a commercial open source company. Commercial open source strikes the balance between freedom and profit motive, and the license you choose becomes a contract not just for the company, but a community.

Reuters Financial Glossary Wiki

Reuters is hosting a Financial Glossary Wiki, a fascinating case study for the way enterprises will host professional communities.