Atom Bomb Almost Detonated Over NC in 1961

Atom Bomb Almost Detonated Over NC in 1961

By Mike Fossum September 21, 2013 | 1 Comment

According to a newly declassified document published on Saturday, two hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped over Goldsboro, North Carolina in 1961. The incident occurred when a B-52 bomber carrying the weapons ripped in half mid-flight on January 23, during the …

Word 2007 Supports Blogging

Could this be the killer application for Windows users for managing and editing blogs? Hot news from Joe Friend, a lead program manager on the Word 2007 software design team:

Google bullish on Atom, Microsoft bullish on RSS?

Richard MacManus noticed that a Google employee at Mix06 was “very bullish” on Atom while Microosft seemed to be bullish on RSS.

RSS Advisory Board

I joined the RSS Advisory Board with Meg Hourihan, Loc Le Meur, Eric Lunt, Rogers Cadenhead, Jenny Levine, Randy Charles Morin, Greg Reinacker and Dave Sifry.

Web Video Trends on Intranets

I had already been pondering the surge in popularity of online video when Steve Rubel wrote today about the “Big Bang” that occurred when Apple began selling TV series episodes and other video content through its iTunes store.

MSN Boosts Feed Searching With 2 New Commands
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MSN Search has reportedly made efforts to amp up its searching within RSS and Atom feeds, with two new commands for feed searching.

RSS Won the Syndication Standards Battle

RSS appears to have conquered the last hurtle in becoming the industry syndication standard.

Google News Now With RSS, Atom Feeds!

It took a while for Google to make feeds available from its well-known news aggregator page.

Pluck Tweaked For Firefox Users

The makers of the RSS reader for IE have extended support to Firefox browsers with its newest release.

Gmail Atom Feeds With Labels

Wow, this story is so old, I don’t believe I’ve mentioned it since this blog was on Blogspot, but now there’s a little new info.

GoogleBot Heralding Blog Search?
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GoogleBot’s been requesting non-existant files from root directories lately, leading some to suspect that Google’s planning a blog search addition to their results, possibly even a new link above the search box.

RSS Proponent Seeks Cooperation with Google

Dave Winer, a major advocate of RSS has proposed a truce with Google and other sites that have partnered with competing syndication format, Atom. RSS is currently the industry leader in syndication and went virtually unchallenged until Google’s recent announcement.