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Atom Bomb Almost Detonated Over NC in 1961

According to a newly declassified document published on Saturday, two hydrogen bombs were accidentally dropped over Goldsboro, North Carolina in 1961. The incident occurred when a B-52 bomber carrying the weapons ripped in half mid-flight on January 23, during the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. One of the bombs began to detonate, …

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Intel Could be Ditching Atom Branding [RUMOR]

A new report from Taiwanese news outlet DigiTimes states that Intel is “considering” ditching the Atom brand name. The publication’s unnamed sources “from the upstream supply chain” stated that the decision may be based on the growing impression of Atom processors as low-end, having become associated with the sometimes low-quality products they can be found in. The report goes on …

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Intel Introduces Low-Power Server-Class Atom Processor

The Intel Atom processor is the company’s ticket into the lucrative tablet and smartphone market. It’s slowly working its way into more mobile devices, but Intel will now offer its low-power processing solution to servers as well. Intel announced today that its Atom S1200 is the world’s first 6-watt server-class processor. It’s a system on-chip processor that features lower-power levels, …

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Listen To What An Atom Bomb Really Sounds Like

I’m pretty sure that we’ve all seen an atom bomb explosion by now. The mushroom cloud is engrained into the general consciousness as something that is to be feared. I’m sure we all know what an atom bomb sounds like as well, but it turns out that we don’t know anything. Thanks to some fantastic archived footage of a public …

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