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Google Panda Update Leads To Death Of Yahoo Product Google Panda Update Leads To Death Of Yahoo Product

As you probably know, Google’s Panda update originally targeted content farm sites. Demand Media’s eHow was the poster child, but back in the early Panda days, Yahoo also had such a content network called Associated Content. After Panda, it deleted …

Yahoo Gets Rid of 75,000 Associated Content Articles, Launches Yahoo Voices Yahoo Gets Rid of 75,000 Associated Content Articles, Launches Yahoo Voices
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Yahoo has now decided to follow Demand Media’s lead by deleting 75,000 articles from Associated Content, and is even going so far as to change Associated Content new a new network called Yahoo Voices. In a post on Yahoo’s Yodel …

Google Algorithm Update Helps (Not Hurts) eHow
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Google’s recent algorithm update aimed at content farms appears to have affected Demand Media significantly, but not in the way you might have thought. According to a study from Sistrix – the Visibility Index – Demand’s eHow has actually gained rankings, while many of the company’s competitors dropped. 

Yahoo Introduces Its Contibutor Network

Yahoo has launched the Yahoo Contributor Network, a new platform for people to publish their creative content.

Yahoo says its Contributor Network will bring contributions from more than 400,000 writers, photographers and videographers to media destinations, including Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports and the Yahoo homepage.

Is Quality Really in Jeopardy Because of Content Farms?
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So-called content farms draw a lot of criticism for a supposed lack of quality and some consider them a threat to quality on the web in general. We’re talking about entities like Demand Media, Associated Content, the new AOL, etc. (the definition of the term content farm itself is also debated).

Yahoo Acquires Associated Content
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The extended Yahoo family just got a whole lot bigger.  Yahoo announced this afternoon that it’s acquired Associated Content, and Associated Content, which specializes in crowdsourced content, is in contact with around 380,000 contributors.

“The People’s Media” Gets $10 Million

Financial news can get a little tiresome, but it’s hard to become bored when $10 million is involved; that’s the amount that Associated Content just received in a round of funding.

Armstrong In Associated Content Conflict of Interest?

Elinor Mills is asking whether Google’s Tim Armstrong involvement with Associated Content is a conflict of interest. Associated Content creates content optimized for Google – so it can earn revenue from AdSense ads – and that raises questions about Armstrong sitting on the company’s board of directors.

Googler Games Google; Cutts Goes Silent
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A week after Google’s Matt Cutts set the SEO world ablaze by asking webmasters to report cases of link-buying, his area of the Googleplex is decidedly silent – and so is the media relations department regarding a double-dipping Google executive’s association with a questionable made-for-AdSense company.