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Aspartame May Be Safe After All- According To European Health Officials
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We have all heard that Aspartame could be harmful to our health, but according to European health officials, it might not be so bad after all. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used in many diet sodas, candies and sweet treats. …

Aspartame is Deemed Safe in Colas By Europe
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After Coca-Cola America president Steve Cahillane acknowledged that Diet Coke sales were down because of artificial sweeteners back in October, the European Food Safety Authority (ESFA) has announced that the use of aspartame to sweeten Diet Coke and other colas …

Coke: Aspartame Gets New Defensive Ads

Coke started a new print ad series today in the Atlanta area that focus on reassuring customers that aspartame, or artificial sweetener, is perfectly safe to consume. Titled “Quality Products You Can Always Feel Good About,” the ads aim at …