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Larger Smartphones Beating Tablets in Asia Larger Smartphones Beating Tablets in Asia

As the smartphone and tablet markets begin to become saturated in western countries, manufacturers are now looking to emerging markets such as China and Brazil for growth. However, with smaller tablets becoming more popular and larger smartphones taking off, market …

PayPal To Add 1,000 New Jobs In Asia Pacific Region
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Ebay’s online payment service PayPal said today it would double the number of employees in Asia Pacific from 1,000 currently to more than 2,000 by the end of the year.

PayPal said it plans to add more than 100 new jobs at its international headquarters in Singapore. New jobs will be located at all seven offices including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. For its Singapore business headquarters, PayPal will be seeking Singapore-based people with background in technology, product development, infrastructure design, risk and engineering.

Dell Sees Growth Internationally

Dell, the number two PC maker in the world says that within five years two- thirds of its sales will come from overseas.

Increasing demand from Asia and other emerging markets along with growth in the UK and Europe is broadening Dell’s sales beyond the U.S., the company said. An executive at the company said that international sales were growing much faster than its domestic market.

The U.S. Makes Up 21 Percent Of Global Internet Users

In January 2008, the Asia Pacific Region have over 300 million Internet users at least 15 years of age accessing the Internet from work and home computers according to comScore’s "Digital World: State of the Internet report.

Hitwise Looks At An Asia Pacific Holiday Season
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It’s nearly Christmas, and that means it’s time for sales of boots and heavy hats to increase.  Unless, that is, you’re in the Asia Pacific, where new Hitwise data uncovered an interest in Crocs and Oakley sunglasses.

Yahoo Signs Deals With Nine Asian Carriers

Yahoo’s been criticized for having far too many executives in its organization.  Whoever’s connected to oneSearch is certainly earning their pay, though, as the product has just been picked up by nine more mobile operators.

Internet Use Below Average In Asia-Pacific

In May there were 284 million people in the Asian- Pacific region who accessed the Internet, according to a comScore World Metrix study.