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Egyptian Sarcophagus Found in Israel

A sarcophagus (coffin) dating back to the Bronze Age was recently found in the Jezreel Valley in Israel. Archaeologists dug up the cylinder-shaped sarcophagus while exploring the Tel Shadud mound in the valley. The foot of the body was first discovered, but after three weeks of brushing away dirt, the face of the mystery person was revealed. Edwin van den …

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Seattle Mammoth Tusk Discovered At Construction Site

Experts from the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture claim that a recently discovered mammoth tusk might be the largest found in the entire Seattle area. The tusk, which is also believed to have come from an Ice Age mammoth, was unearthed by several construction workers conducting an excavation in the Lake Union area of Seattle. According to a …

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Celtic Coins Found by Amateur UK Treasure Hunters

The Celtic coins found by a group of amateur treasure hunters in the United Kingdom are thought to be worth close to $15.6 million, or, if you prefer, £10 million. The discovery was made on the Channel Island of Jersey, and is considered to be the largest haul of its kind in northern Europe. However, ownership and official valuation has …

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Terracotta Warriors: More Statutes Unearthed in China

Terracotta warriors, the sculpted army that depict Qin Shi Huang’s legion of soldiers, are buried in the area surrounding the Huang’s mausoleum. Archeologists estimate that there are over 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses, and 150 cavalry horses arranged outside of the emperor’s final resting place, many of which are still buried in the surrounding pits. In addition to …

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