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Obama Approval Rating Hits New Low in California

With unrest increasing throughout many parts of the world and in the U.S., President Obama’s national approval ratings continue to hover in the low 40s. In addition, new polling data is showing that the president may be losing support in Democrat strongholds as well. A new poll released today by the Field Research corporation shows that Obama’s approval rating has …

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Obama Approval Rating Doesn’t Do Democrat Candidates Any Favors

A recent Rasmussen poll shows President Barack Obama’s approval rating numbers leave a lot to be desired. The numbers from the Rasmussen Daily Tracking poll as of August 27 are: Strongly Approve: 21% Strongly Disapprove: 41% Total Approve: 46% Total Disapprove: 53% If you follow that link above and scan down the daily numbers, you will see that Obama’s approval …

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George W. Bush a Better President Than Obama, According to New Poll

President Obama’s approval poll numbers have been sitting at low levels for months now. The botched roll-out of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) healthcare markets hit his approval numbers hard. The government shutdown of 2013, though caused by House Republicans, dragged down the president’s approval numbers as Americans grew ever-more tired of legislative gridlock. Foreign policy headaches such as the …

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Congressional Approval Dropped to a New Low in 2013

Though it seems as though congress has always had low approval ratings, Americans’ views of the legislative branch actually increased throughout the 90s. According to Gallup‘s yearly congressional approval ratings, however, that goodwill took a nosedive after peaking at 56% approval in 2011. This year congressional approval ratings have hit the lowest point ever recorded by Gallup since the company …

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Congressional Approval Hits Lowest Point Ever

It’s been something of a truism and a joke in recent years that Americans hate congress but love their individual congresspersons. Now, even that sentiment could be changing as congressional approval in the U.S. has hit rock-bottom. Gallup today released the results of a survey last week showing that only 9% of Americans approve of the way the U.S. congress …

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Obama Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low

The numbers are in and President Barack Obama’s approval rating has dropped to an all-time low of 42 percent according to a new poll from NBC News and Wall Street Journal. This is a drop in 5 percentage points from his previous approval rating in this poll, a rather significant drop after Obamacare went into effect at the beginning of …

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