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Web Apps to Get More Useful Web Apps to Get More Useful
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Google announced via the Chromium blog that it is working on the Web Intents framework, which will essentially manifest itself as an API that will allow web apps to communicate with one another, similar to how Android apps can. The …

Apple iCloud Prices and Web Apps Revealed Apple iCloud Prices and Web Apps Revealed

iCloud will ship to consumers this Fall. It lets you store content in the cloud and access it on various devices. It works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and even PC, and is free with the upcoming iOS 5 …

Facebook Makes App Testing Easier Facebook Makes App Testing Easier
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Since the whole “ban bot” fiasco, Facebook has been trying to save face with developers. A couple weeks ago, they announced the removal of the app directory in favor of making it easier to get apps into the Facebook search …

Google Launches In-App Payments Google Launches In-App Payments

At Google I/O, Google announced In-App payments for for web app developers (among other things). Now, Google has made them available. “Integration is simple with just a few lines of code. And pricing is set at just 5-percent,” says Product …

Are Things Getting Better for Facebook App Developers? Are Things Getting Better for Facebook App Developers?
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Facebook announced that it is removing its app directory, but also creating a new way to get apps into the Facebook search index. The company says the App Directory (in its current form) just doesn’t drive a significant amount of …

Twitter Launches New Site for Developers Twitter Launches New Site for Developers

Twitter has launched a new site for developers apparently aimed at providing better info on how to develop for the company’s platform. This comes at a time when the FTC is said to be eyeing the company over its competitive …

FTC Eyeing Twitter, According to Report, Others Question Validity FTC Eyeing Twitter, According to Report, Others Question Validity
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Business Insider is running a report claiming “Twitter is under federal investigation” from the Federal Trade Commission. This is related to how the company has dealt with third-party apps: acquiring things like Tweetie and TweetDeck turning them into proprietary apps, …

Facebook Ban Bot Like Google Panda Update for Facebook Facebook Ban Bot Like Google Panda Update for Facebook
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It seems as if Facebook has developed something of a shoot first ask questions later kind of mentality. You may recall last week when Roger Ebert’s Facebook page was removed after complaints about him (following controversial comments made about the …

Google Looks to the Crowd to Take On Microsoft and Skype Google Looks to the Crowd to Take On Microsoft and Skype

Google was already starting to compete with Skype a little, by releasing things like video chat within Gmail, but Gmail is only a small segment of people in the broader landscape of web users. Now Google is thinking bigger, and …

Kinect Comes to Windows Kinect Comes to Windows
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Today, Microsoft released a software developer kit (SDK) in beta for its Kinect product for the Windows 7 operating system, effectively meaning that software developers will be able to harness the capabilities of Kinect for use with personal computers running …

Amazon Introduces “Elastic Beanstalk” for Easy App Deployment

Amazon announced a new product for Amazon Web Services today, called "AWS Elastic Beanstalk". The product, a new way for developers to deploy and manage apps in the AWS cloud, handles things like capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and app health monitoring.

Google Gives Third-Party Apps Access to Goo.gl
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Google has launched an API for its URL shortener, goog.gl. The API can be used to interact with the service and develop applications that store, share, and manage goo.gl URLs. 

Mac App Store Officially Coming January 6

Apple announced that its Mac App Store will officially open on January 6 (a Thursday). With this, Apple hopes to capitalize on the success it’s had with its App store for iPhone and iPad apps for its older Mac brand. 

Right away, the store will be available in 90 countries, and will feature paid and free apps in a variety of categories like Games, Productivity, Education, Graphics & Design, Lifestyle, and Utilities. 

Twitter Should Be Getting More Useful at the Geographical Level

Twitter is making it easier for developers to tap into Places data, which should fuel more interesting functionalities around locations in a lot of apps.

Salesforce Acquiring Heroku – Major Platform for Social Apps

It’s only Wednesday, but it’s already been a huge week for Salesforce. The company is hosting its Dreamforce conference, and has already introduced a free version of its "Facebook for the Enterprise" Chatter product, and launched Database.com to go head to head in the Database space with Oracle. 

Wouldn’t it Be Useful to Have Dictionary Functionality From Any App?
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Dictionary.com has launched a new API Developer Center, which has some pretty interesting implicatons for mobile apps, given that words are pretty universal. Developers can integrate Dictionary.com content and features into their products and services. 

Google Continues Efforts to Predict What Users Want
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Google is hellbent on predictions, it would seem. At Google I/O earlier this year, Google announced the Prediction API. More recently, it launched Google Instant, with the goal of giving you your results before you even finish typing the query.

Google Analytics SDK Now Supports Apple’s iOS 4

Google announced the release of the latest version of its mobile SDK for Google Analytics. This version supports the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 4. 

The new version of the SDK (version 0.8), which is in beta, also includes fixes for Android. 

Lots Happening with Bing Maps Today
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"Bing Maps just got more useful for developers, bus and train commuters and education advocates everywhere," a representative for Bing tells WebProNews. She is referring to a series of announcements Microsoft made today regarding Bing Maps. 

The company released two new Bing mapping apps, made additions to the Bing Transit Map, and released the final Windows Phone 7 SDK which features Bing and Microsoft Advertising.


Intel Launches AppUp – An App Store for Netbooks

Intel just announced a new software app store for netbook apps. At the Intel Devleoper Forum in San Francisco, Renée James, senior vice president and general manager, Intel Software and Services Group, announced the general availability of the Intel AppUp Center. 

Apple to Publish App Store Review Guidelines

Apple released a statement today regarding its App Store Review Guidelines. The company says:

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