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Apple TV, Google TV – Is 2012 the Year They Take Off? Apple TV, Google TV – Is 2012 the Year They Take Off?
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We’ve heard it before and nothing happened, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t, right? I’m referring to the idea of Internet TV that has, up to this point, failed to really take off. But, is 2012 the year that this trend could change? There is a lot of speculation and rumors that indicate that it could.

Apple iTV May Come In 42”, 50” Models Apple iTV May Come In 42”, 50” Models

The last few weeks have seen a significant increase in the number of rumors surrounding Apple’s long-fabled iTV. USA Today stirred the pot late last night with reports that the iTV may be larger than some previous rumors had reported. …

Apple iTV May Bring Custom Channel Lineups Apple iTV May Bring Custom Channel Lineups

Yesterday we reported on a rumor that Apple was preparing to begin production of an iTV television set. While there have long been rumors of an Apple-branded TV, the current crop of reports makes it seem as though it may …

Android App Brings Apple AirPlay to Google TV Android App Brings Apple AirPlay to Google TV
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As the array of Apple devices has broadened, Apple has continually looked for ways to keep them connected to one another. One of the most recent examples of this trend is AirPlay, a feature that allows users to stream content …

Rumor: Apple iTV To Begin Production Soon Rumor: Apple iTV To Begin Production Soon

Last week we ran a story about the possibility that Apple’s long-rumored iTV was in the works and being readied for a mid-2012 release. Those rumors sprang from apparent meetings between Apple and the representatives of various entertainment companies, who …

Apple iTV Finally On Its Way To Becoming A Reality? Apple iTV Finally On Its Way To Becoming A Reality?

The iTV rumor mill is grinding back to life again this morning on reports that Apple has been conducting meetings with executives from various media companies to discuss Apple’s future in the television market. Citing sources in these media companies, …

Rumors Fault Google TV For Logitech Revue Shipping Freeze
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Popular products are almost always difficult to get around Christmas, with high demand causing stores to run out of bestsellers.  Unfortunately for a certain search giant, it’s starting to sound like a lot of items incorporating Google TV tech were allowed to collect dust.  Rumors indicate Logitech even asked a supplier to stop shipping Revue units.

Apple Expects to Top A Million Apple TV Sales This Week
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Apple announced that it expects sales of Apple TV to top one million units later this week. 

Apple TV has a few things working to its advantage. The main one is the price. It’s only $99, compared to the first Google TV set-top box – the Logitech Revue, which is on sale (at Best Buy) for $249.99 with a regular price of $299.99. 

Google TV to Arrive This Autumn
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When Google unveiled Google TV at Google I/O in May, the company said it would be out for the holidays. CEO Eric Schmidt is now saying more specifically, this autumn, according to Reuters. It’s unclear whether this is ahead of the originally planned schedule or if it was always intended to be Autumn (as opposed to Winter), but Apple’s release of Apple TV may provide a little motivation to get Google TV on the market as soon as possible. 

Google, Facebook and Boxee Respond to Apple
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Update 2: Swisher reports that Facebook blocked API access to Ping after failing to strike an agreement with Apple, so Apple removed the feature after launch. She credits "sources familiar with Facebook’s platform" with this information. 

Apple to Update Apple TV (with Netflix), iTunes, iPod Touch
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Apple announced that it will be streaming an event online today at Apple.com, at 10:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern.

"Apple will broadcast its September 1 event online using Apple’s industry-leading HTTP Live Streaming, which is based on open standards," the company says.

The whole thing is so open, you have to use a Mac running Safari on Mac OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard, an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 3.0 or higher or an iPad. In other words you have to have bought an Apple device to view it.

iTunes Movie Rentals, Waifish Macbook In The Air
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Well, it’s not going to cause quite the media-wide paroxysm the Jesus phone (iPhone, for the uninitiated or unacquainted with light-hearted sacrilege) caused last year at Macworld, but there’ll probably be sufficient tremulous giddiness about the world’s thinnest notebook computer, the MacBook Air.

YouTube Available On iPhone

In a surprise announcement today Apple said that iPhone users would be able to access YouTube using the mobile device.

YouTube Adding H.264 Format
While the jury is still out on whether anyone actually needs an Apple TV, the iTunes streaming device is getting a new feature: YouTube. Sometime in the middle of this month, a software update to the device will add wireless YouTube streaming.

Apple TV To Offer YouTube

Apple will begin offering YouTube videos on Apple TV starting in mid-June. The full catalog of YouTube videos is expected to be available on Apple TV in the fall.

Is Apple TV Sharp or Not?

Microsoft’s Mike Torres notes that Apple TV — to his eyes — doesn’t look sharp on HDTV screens (he’s not alone, several of my friends saw them in Apple stores and say they don’t look sharp).

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