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Microsoft Office for iPad: CEO May Unveil Next Week

Microsoft will reportedly introduce Office for ┬áiPad at an event in San Francisco on March 27. Satya Nadella will host his first event next week as CEO of Microsoft and invitations to the event have been making the rounds. Nadella …

Apple iPad to be Used by American Airlines Pilots Apple iPad to be Used by American Airlines Pilots

American Airlines this week became the first airline to receive approval from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use Apple iPads “during all phases of flight.” The tablets will be used as an “Electronic Flight Bag” and will be …

Islamic Rights Group Blasts Apple Over iPad Incident
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Last week in Alpharetta, Georgia, a young woman of Iranian descent was denied the purchase of an iPad by an Apple employee due to the fact that she was from Iran. A US citizen, Sahar Sabet felt humiliated and betrayed …

Apple Agrees to $2.25 Million Settlement Over Australian iPad Ads Apple Agrees to $2.25 Million Settlement Over Australian iPad Ads

When Apple launched the new iPad, it predictably advertised that the higher-priced version of the device was “4G capable.” It did this even in countries where the 4G capabilities of the device could not be used due to incompatible data …

Apple May Soon Sell the New iPad in China Apple May Soon Sell the New iPad in China

Chinese regulators have approved the iPad 3, pointing to the possibility of it hitting the market in China. China is the second largest morket for Apple products in the world. The New iPad has sold well in America, but Apple …

iLife Apps Get Major Updates for iOS iLife Apps Get Major Updates for iOS

Today, along with the announcement for the new iPad release, Apple introduced iPhoto for iPad and iPhone, and major updates to iMovie and GarageBand, completing its suite of iLife apps for iOS. The new iPhoto includes Multi-Touch features so you …

iPad 2 at Best Buy Friday at 5pm
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Best Buy has posted an iPad 2 FAQ page that should help those looking to purchase the device at the retail giant complete their task. After all, not every town has an Apple store, and there are over 1,150 Best …

iPad 2 Refunds Coming for Current Apple iPad Owners
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Apple revealed the iPad 2 yesterday, announcing that it would ship on March 11 in 26 countries, followed by more on March 25. Apple announced that the pricing of iPad 2 models would reflect those of the iPad 1 models. However, the iPad 1 models are dropping in price by a hundred bucks. 

iPad 2 Announced By Apple As Expected – AT&T and Verizon

Apple announced the iPad2 today, as expected. Also as expected, it is lighter and thinner than its predecessor.

Will Apple Release iPad 3 in the Fall?
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Apple is entering a new phase for the iPad … competition. On the heels of HP announcing the HP Touchpad today, Daring Fireball blogger John Gruber speculated that Apple could release an iPad 3 about the same time as HP releases the HP Touchpad: