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An iPod Tree And The Android Story An iPod Tree And The Android Story

In today’s infographic round-up, we get a couple of evolutionary tales about rivals Apple and Google. One focuses on ten years of the iPod, and the other is about the Android Story. As an added bonus, we threw one in …

Salesforce.com Lets Apex Fly

Third party developers can write applications that will run on the Salesforce.com architecture, as enabled through the Apex language and platform.

Basecamp Integrates with Harvest

In a world of more focused or niche based web services such as Harvest, integrations are going to continue to be key (as I’ve noted in the past).

Salesforce Adds New CRM Features To Winter ’07

Salesforce.com announced new customization features of Winter ’07, including full componentization of its analytical dashboards aimed at allowing users to create, share, and combine new components that analyze and present data from Salesforce.

Microsoft Talks CRM, Benioff Laughs Heartily

All that CRM momentum Microsoft has been touting for the forthcoming software-as-a-service CRM Live elicited a chuckle and a “Microsoft is being out hustled by everyone” comment from Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff.

AppExchange Adds eBridge ERP Option

The Enterprise Resource Planning Integration Solution provided by eBridge Software joins the 250+ applications at Salesforce.com’s AppExchange site.

JotSpot Tracker Integrating With Salesforce

The first of several on-demand applications available from JotSpot through Salesforce’s AppExchange will transform Excel spreadsheets into browser-accessible versions.

Salesforce.com Deploys AppExchange

The AppExchange Developer Network provides services related to building, coding, integrating and sharing on-demand applications with the platform Salesforce announced in San Diego.

Salesforce.com Entering Application Sales Arena

Amazon.com has been noted previously as developing a marketplace for software application services, while CRM suddenly becomes a hot concept.

Salesforce.com Opens Online Marketplace for Applications

Salesforce.com has launched an eBay style online marketplace called AppExchange for the buying and selling of applications between businesses.