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Buzz Aldrin UFO Sighting Exposed

Some UFO rumors never die. This one has been around since 1969. When Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins took off for the moon in ’69, they knew they were making history. Armstrong’s “one small step” did indeed become …

Neil Armstrong Funeral Pays Tribute to the First Man on the Moon
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The funeral for the first human to set foot on the moon was held this week, and a memorial service was held today to honor his life and achievements. Neil Armstrong died at age 82 last week, reminding the U.S. …

Neil Armstrong Dies at 82, First Man On The Moon
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There are a lot of people that can remember where they were when man first landed on the moon, and especially when they first heard the words “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” These were …

NASA Asks Future Moon Explorers To Respect History NASA Asks Future Moon Explorers To Respect History

The destiny of the human race lies beyond our planet, but before we can search the stars, we need to colonize the moon. Many countries including China, India, and Japan have expressed serious interest in either putting people or rovers …

Japan And Russia Announce Plans For Moon Base Japan And Russia Announce Plans For Moon Base
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While NASA was busy celebrating the successful launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, Russia and Japan were busy making a huge announcement that has the possibility to set off another space race. They announced that they want to start …

Jeff Bezos Locates Apollo 11 Engines, Will Raise Them From Atlantic

Jeff Bezos is making a serious bid to be remembered as the 21st Century Marco Polo and less the founder of Amazon.com. Already involved in the space exploration industry with his private venture, Blue Origin, Bezos has now announced he’s …

100 Years Of Horrible Things Via YouTube 100 Years Of Horrible Things Via YouTube

A lot can happen in one hundred years. Lots of bad, lots of good, but lots of change nevertheless. A couple of days ago a YouTube user, derDon1234, uploaded a video compiled of some of the most notable moments in …

Google Finally Adds Moon Themed Logo
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UPDATE 2: It looks as though Google waited until we actually landed on the Moon to update their logo. Well played Google, well played.

Apollo 11 Takes to the Virtual Skies
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Just as it did 40 years ago, at 9:32 AM ET this morning, Saturn V launched into the virtual skies, its destination… the Moon and history books everywhere.

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