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Microsoft Gives In On IE Bundling Issue

"You win, European Commission," Microsoft seems to have said.  Following months of fines and accusations, the Redmond-based corporation agreed today to offer Windows users access to browsers other than Internet Explorer from the very beginning.

Microsoft May Be Making Antitrust Progress

Maybe Microsoft won’t get fined a gazillion dollars by the European Union, after all.  The software giant is supposedly making an attempt to settle two antitrust probes, and according to the same report, even has a firm cut-off date in mind. 

Google Has Plenty of Competition
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When we think of Google’s competitors, Yahoo and Microsoft often come immediately to mind. We think of other search engines. There’s no question that Google is (by far) dominating this space. What do you think Google’s greatest source of competition is? Share your thoughts.

Google Facing Antitrust Probe Over Book Deal

Google is facing an antitrust investigation by the Justice Department over its class action deal it reached with publishers and authors to digitize and sell books.

Justice Department Extends Microsoft Antitrust Oversight

It’s not hard to imagine that certain Microsoft execs had started a countdown; as things stood, the Department of Justice would only be monitoring their company for about seven more months.  A new development has pushed the antitrust oversight period’s end date out to May 12th, 2011, however. 

Google Gives Microsoft A Little Antitrust Payback
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Business is war, and payback is hell, but corporate trustbusting is more of a sport. Like basketball players insisting the ball bounced off the other guy’s foot, Microsoft and Google are at it again. This time Google returns the antitrust volley by announcing its intention to apply to become a third party in the European Commission’s investigation into Microsoft’s “unfair” bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows.

President’s Antitrust Chief Nomination Known to Criticize Google

Christine VarneyPresident Obama’s nomination for Antitrust Chief, Christine A. Varney, has a history of criticizing Google on the topic of antitrust. Current concern appears to be focused on Google’s efforts in the cloud computing world.

Microsoft In Still More Antitrust Trouble

Microsoft apparently drew one step closer to getting in serious trouble with the European Commission yesterday.  This afternoon, the company admitted to finding out that the European Commission believes its handling of Internet Explorer has been breaking antitrust laws.

Did Google Barely Escape Antitrust Charges?
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As you’re no doubt aware, Google and Yahoo had a search advertising deal going earlier this year, but turbulence from possible-antitrust complaints and Department of Justice scrutiny ultimately led to Google backing out of the deal.

Google and Yahoo! Talk Volume Caps with Justice Department

Google and Yahoo! are in the middle of trying to convince the federal government (namely the Justice Department) that their search advertising deal is not an antitrust issue. This has been going on for months as they’ve tried to convince the entire world of the same.

The Status on MySpace Music

The projected launch date of MySpace Music has changed a lot lately, but is still expected to launch before the end of the month. That gives us about one more week. It could launch anytime until then, but it’s starting to feel like they’re going to wait until the last possible minute.

Reasons for Delay

MySpace Music to Face Antitrust Suits?
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Myspace_3MySpace music is now scheduled to launch this week, but an antitrust lawsuit may be in the making as indie labels in the EU a

Google: Yahoo! Deal Not Bad For Competition

The other day, Eric Schmidt blamed Microsoft for fanning the flames of controversy over Google’s proposed advertising deal with Yahoo!. He did also note, however, that Google had probably failed to explain the deal well enough, and that this had contributed to said controversy as well.

World Association of Newspapers Tries to Block Google-Yahoo! Deal

WANA couple weeks ago, Google said it would go forward with its proposed deal with Yahoo!, which would see Google supplying ads to Yahoo!, if the U.S. Department of Justice had not yet blocked them from doing so. In other words, they aren’t gong to wait for an investigation to play out before they begin.

Yahoo! Gets a ‘Softie
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Joanne BradfordJoanne Bradford has made a lot of career moves in recent memory. She was once Corporate VP of Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions, then climbed up the ladder to Chief Media Officer and Corporate Vice President of MSN.

You Think the Government Is Going to Stop Google?
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Google is apparently going to disregard the investigation into any antitrust practices, and move forward in its advertising deal with Yahoo! in October, unless the government stops them.

Eric Schmidt

What Percent Makes A Monopoly?
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Let’s leave Microsoft out of this and just assume their antitrust complaints to Congress are self-servingly suspect and hypocritical—after all, Yahoo acquisition timing aside, how does a company that has controlled the computer and browser market for decades suddenly earn sympathy when they can’t compete in another market?

States Join Feds In Vetting Google, Yahoo Deal
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Search advertising by Google, search results by Yahoo, and a lot of scrutiny at the federal level received another layer of interest, this time from state governments.

Justice Department Steps Up Google, Yahoo Probe
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Antitrust regulators will take a closer look at the potential implications of an advertising deal made by Google and Yahoo last month.

China Maybe-Possibly Investigating Microsoft

The U.S. government has taken a few looks; the European Union more or less threw several fits.  It wouldn’t be surprising if China also raised antitrust issues with Microsoft, then, and there’s something of an argument taking place over whether this will happen.

DoJ, Realtors settle MLS squabble

Multiple listings services and their handling by realtors led the Department of Justice to challenge the National Association of Realtors, leading to a settlement after nearly 4 years of legal back-and-forth.