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NASA’s Kepler Finds Extra-Solar Planets Smaller Than Earth

Over the past year, NASA’s Kepler mission has found hundreds of possible planets outside of our solar system, and even a few candidates for Earth-like planets. This week, astronomers revealed that a new system has been found that contains planets smaller than Earth. The new data has been presented in a paper published recently in the journal Nature. The planets …

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NASA Spots Weather Patterns on Brown Dwarf

Astronomers this week announced that they have produced a “weather map” for a brown dwarf that shows planet-sized clouds driven by wind. Brown dwarfs are objects at the edge of becoming a star. They lack the mass to begin hydrogen fusion, and in some ways are similar to gas giant planets. The new study, published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, …

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461 New Planet Candidates Discovered by NASA’s Kepler, Including Four Earth-Like Ones

Astronomers last week announced that they estimate there to be 100 billion planets throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. This week, Astronomers announced 461 new candidates for extra-solar planets have been discovered. NASA‘s Kepler mission has been discovering exoplanets for years now, and the number of confirmed exoplanets is currently 105. As astronomers dig more deeply into Kepler data, smaller planet …

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Ancient Microbes Found Under Antarctic Lake

A team of researchers has uncovered a community of bacteria living in one of the most inhospitable place on Earth: the dark, cold, salty environment under a remote lake in Antarctica. The discovery will help teach scientists how life can be sustained in extreme environments, including places beyond our planet. Lake Vida, where the discovery took place, lies under nearly …

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