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Million Short Launches Its Version Of “Bing It On” Challenge (Million Short It On)

Did you have fun with the Bing’s Bing It On Challenge? Well, welcome to the arena MillionShort It On, a similar offering from alternative search engine Million Short. We reported on Million Short a while back. It’s an experimental search engine that lets you remove the top million sites from your Google results. It may not always be the most …

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Blekko Gets Ads, DuckDuckGo Gets A Million Searches In A Day

Blekko sought out from the start to become the “third search engine” behind Google and Bing (Yahoo, for all intents and purposes counted as Bing, since Bing powers Yahoo Search). Google and Bing serve search ads to monetize their efforts. Now, the “third search engine” is testing ads, according to a report from MediaPost. These ads, however, are coming from …

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