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Whitney Houston Headed Back Out on Tour–As A Hologram

Whitney Houston is headed back out on tour. Now that’s something, given she passed away more than three years ago. All kidding aside, Whitney Houston is set to tour as a hologram, and make even more money for her estate. In a collaboration between Pat Houston, who is President of the Whitney Houston Estates, and Greek billionaire Alki David, who …

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Who is Responsible for Illegal P2P Downloading?

Don’t hate the player, don’t hate the game – hate the messenger? In the latest round of who-can-we-sue, disgruntled “victims” of file sharing have taken aim at CBS’s CNET, specifically their software downloading site Entrepreneur, FilmOn Founder and “eccentric billionaire” Alki David has filed a lawsuit against CNET alleging that they aided in copyright infringement by distributing P2P clients, …

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