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Alibaba Hits Huge $157 Billion Annual Sales Milestone

Alibaba announced today that its sites Tmall and Taobao Marketplace have combined to surpass RMB one trillion in annual sales, which is roughly equal to $157 billion. It’s not as much as Walmart, but for e-commerce, it’s pretty huge. The company hit the milestone on November 30. In a post on Alibaba’s Alizila blog, Jim Erickson writes: Speaking on Dec. …

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Alibaba Closes Deal With Yahoo Worth $7.6 Billion

Alibaba has closed the initial repurchase of shares from Yahoo and restructured its relationship with the company in a set of transactions valued at $7.6 billion. The two companies announced the plan back in May, which would see Yahoo reduce its stake in Alibaba in stages over time, and over a series of agreements. The initial repurchase of shares represented …

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Google And Alibaba Have Android Beef

Acer was set to unveil a new smartphone last week, but the launch was reportedly postponed after Google expressed concerns with the operating system, developed by Alibaba, and apparently based upon Android. Google has always painted Android as an open platform, but this philosophy has had its share of critics. That “openness” debate has come back into the spotlight as …

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Yahoo and Alibaba Make Stock Deal Official

Remember the $7 billion deal we were talking about on Friday with Yahoo and Chinese-based Alibaba? Well, they are making it official. Yahoo has agreed to sell off its shares of the Alibaba empire. A majority will be purchased back by the company and the remained will be sold after the Alibaba IPO, whenever that is. The deal was announced …

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Yahoo and Alibaba Come to a Compromise Over Shares

Before Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson offered his resignation at Yahoo he visited China several times and met with Alibaba CEO Jack Ma. The two CEOs along with Yahoo’s CFO Tim Morse and legal head Mike Callahan were working out a deal to determine what should be done with Yahoo’s large stake in the Chinese company. Apparently that deal came to …

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Yahoo Selling Shares to Alibaba

Alibaba, China’s largest online business-to-business trading platform, posted Q1 2012 profits of $53.8 million, though Yahoo Inc. is looking to sell a large portion of its shares with the company. Yahoo bought a 40% stake in the platform in 2005, and now Alibaba seeks to buy back some of the ownership, in a deal that could range between $4.8 and …

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PayPal Bringing Its Services To China And India

PayPal is one of the largest names in the online payment industry. It makes it super easy to make online transactions across national borders. Making the transactions with other people within your borders is a bit trickier if you happen to live in certain countries. PayPal is hoping to change that for China and India. PayPal announced today their intentions …

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