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Softbank’s Net Profits Up By 221 Percent

A company with “soft” in its name might be tempting fate – poor financial performances would be all too appropriate.  Softbank isn’t having that problem, though, and instead, the Japanese telecommunications giant saw its net profits rise by 221 percent over a certain period.

Yahoo’s Stock Climbs On Yet-To-Occur Alibaba IPO

Up and down, down and up – it just sort of meandered along for a while.  But on Friday afternoon, Yahoo’s stock took more of an “up, up, and away” approach due to Alibaba.com’s impending IPO.

Alibaba Discusses IPO Date, Amount

Alibaba has released details regarding its initial public offering: the event should take place on November 6th, and is intended to raise about $1.5 billion.  Also, if earlier reports hold true, that’ll mean Yahoo could shell out around $150 million.

Yahoo To Jump On Alibaba IPO

When Alibaba holds its IPO, Yahoo will be first in line, and the search engine company will reportedly have enough cash in hand to buy 10 percent of the available shares.

Alibaba May IPO

The Alibaba Group, which took over Yahoo China in 2005, is now preparing to hold an IPO on the Hong Kong stock market.  Other details, such as “when” and “how much,” remain largely unknown.

China’s Brief Block On Yahoo Resolved

Google’s had its problems in China, but for a day or so, it seemed like Yahoo had been knocked out of the running entirely – the main site was inaccessible from within that country.  The block has now been removed.

Alibaba IPO Could Help Yahoo China
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Yahoo owns 40 percent of the Alibaba Group, and some onlookers feel that tie is the only thing keeping Yahoo afloat in Asia.  But as rumors circulate that Alibaba will undergo an IPO, floating could turn into flying.

Taobao.com Aims For B2C Sales In China

The online consumer marketplace company belonging to Alibaba.com launched business-to-consumer sales and has deals in place with several major international brands.

Alibaba Makes $750 Millions Vanish

The owner of Yahoo China spent three-fourths of the $1 billion it received from Yahoo last summer on research & development and other projects.

Alibaba Wishes To Make Google Disappear

Now that it has absorbed Yahoo China, Jack Ma’s Alibaba wants to be the top search site in China and render the whole Google versus Microsoft fight over China moot.

Alibaba Reloads Yahoo China

The new look for the Chinese portal, removing a lot of its clutter and simplifying the home page, now resembles its search engine competitors in China.