Twitter Launches Alert System For Emergencies And Other Important Info

Twitter Launches Alert System For Emergencies And Other Important Info

By Chris Crum September 25, 2013 | 1 Comment

Twitter announced today that it has launched a new emergency feature called Twitter Alerts, which lets credible organizations get important information out to people via notifications. Users can sign up for alerts on an account-by-account basis. Once you subscribe to …

eBay Adds Host Of New Services

eBay has announced a number of new services and platform enhancements to help developers extend eBay content. The announcement was made at the eBay Developers Conference in Boston today.

The State of Technorati

Sifry’s Alerts: The State of Technorati, April 2007: One of my favorite things to read are the "State of the Blogosphere" reports that Dave Sifry puts out. They provide a great overview of the overall popularity of blogging and are an excellent update on how fast this thing called blogging is still growing.

Reuters News Alerts Through Windows Live Messenger

Today Microsoft and Reuters announce a deal which will bring Reuters News Alerts direct to consumers

Google Advising Sites Of Badware Status

Sites that get flagged as possibly hazardous destinations in Google’s search results will receive notifications from Google about the problem.

Time To Play

On the whole, Google’s search properties are doing well – a recent analysis showed a 24% year-over-year improvement. There’s a lot of variation among those properties, however. Google Video was the clear winner, with a gain of 545%, but Froogle, Google Alerts, and Google Local all suffered losses.

Four Keys To Brand Monitoring

Forrester Research reiterated the importance of being aware of what people say about your brand online, and noted the four key parts to successfully evaluating potential brand monitoring solutions.

VeriSign Teams With eBay For SMS Alerts

For eBay auction bidders tired of losing out to last-minute snipers whilst running errands (or whatever may pull your attention from the computer), VeriSign and eBay announced an agreement to deliver mobile alerts via SMS from VeriSign’s Intelligent Messaging Network (VIMN).

Microsoft Outing Pirates

Nathan Ballog of Illinois, Microsoft says you are a pirate!

Weather Channel Pops Ads Over Alerts

It appears the popular weather reporting channel has found a new way to ensure users of its Desktop Weather application view ads, by popping them up when users go to check a severe weather alert.

RSS Appreciation Day

Ike Pigott, a public affairs officer with the Red Cross in Birmingham, Alabama, has a bright idea.

Yahoo Offers Movie Recommendations

Gary at ResourceShelf offers that Yahoo Alerts now has personalized movie recommendations, sent to you once a week.

RSS Blog Alerts via TXT Message

Yahoo! has added yet another feature to the growing support for RSS and RSS search.

Yahoo Prepping RSS Feed Alerts

The existing alerts service from Yahoo will gain the capability to add RSS feeds and send alerts when those feeds get updated.

Blogging On Google Alerts Not Crawling For Blogs

Many people get Google news alerts. They’re pretty simple. You pick your topic, say the timely subject of hurricanes. When hurricane stories appear, you get an email. You can pick the frequency upon which they appear and whether or not the alert scoura just the news or the entire web.

Google Expands Alert Coverage

Instead of RSS feeds, Google offers email-based alert updates for news topics users choose to monitor. Whenever you establish an update, Google emails you to inform you the topic you are monitoring has changed or had content added.

Price Alerts Don’t Promote Shopping Or Browsing

I had a talk with my brother-in-law [who lives in Birmingham, Alabama] after he read my post on Oodle yesterday.