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3-Year-Old Kicked Off Flight for Refusing to Wear Sealtbelt
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3-year-old kicked off flight for refusing to wear his seatbelt has caught the attention of folks across the Internet. According to KiroTV, Mark Yanchuck and his son, Daniel, were on a red-eye flight to Miami when the incident occurred. Yanchuck …

Police Called From Airplane After 2 Children Refuse To Buckle Seatbelts
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The CBS affiliate in Los Angeles is reporting that authorities were called from an airplane while it was in the air due to two disruptive children. The Los Angeles Times reports that the children were 3 and 8 years old. …

Alaska Airlines Launches Online Calendar For Low Fares

Alaska Airlines has introduced a "Low Fare Calendar" search option on its Web site that displays the least expensive fare available for a selected destination.

When searching for a reservation online users choose their dates of travel and the Low Fare Calendar search option. A calendar view shows travelers the lowest fare available for their destination for each remaining day of that month.