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Turing Test Passed by Chatbot Simulating a 13-Year-Old

Computer science researchers this week revealed that the road to artificial intelligence (AI) has been paved a bit further. A computer algorithm developed in Saint Petersburg, Russia passed the Turing test at an event at the Royal Society of London …

Google Helps Make Alan Turing Monopoly A Reality

Earlier this summer, Google showed its love for mathematician Alan Turing with an interactive Google Doodle. Google also sponsored an Alan Turing exhibit at London’s Science Museum. Now, Google is putting this love on display once again, by funding Monopoly: …

Alan Turing: Google Doodle Subject’s Death By Cyanide Alan Turing: Google Doodle Subject’s Death By Cyanide
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Alan Turing was a British mathematician, a computer scientist, and a tortured soul who spent his last days plagued by homophobia. Widely regarded as the inventor of computer science, his devices–such as the Turing machine, the new Google Doodle that …

Alan Turing Gets An Interactive Google Doodle For His 100th Birthday Alan Turing Gets An Interactive Google Doodle For His 100th Birthday
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Google’s got another interactive Doodle getting ready to drop tomorrow, but if you’re not willing to wait until Saturday morning, it’s live in countries where tomorrow is already here. Places like Google New Zealand, Australia, and India, for example. Unfortunately, …

Check Out This Astounding LEGO Turing Machine

This coming Saturday will be the 100th birthday of Alan Turing, the English mathematician famous for helping to break the German Enigma encryption during World War II. Though the man died in 1954, his legacy as one of the founders …

Google Gives $100,000 Toward Bid For Turing Papers
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Google has a habit of decorating its corporate offices with interesting, science-oriented objects.  Its headquarters in Mountain View sport a model T-Rex skeleton and a SpaceShipOne replica, for example.  But when it came to some papers authored by Alan Turing, Google offered to give $100,000 to support another entity’s bid for ownership today.